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Tower & Vertically Stacked YA-1713's

Pete, you have an extensive cabling arrangement.

Your idea of swapping antenna positions is a good one. Vertical signal layering can cause a substantial signal strength variation over relatively short distance when antennas are relatively close to ground (in terms of wavelength).

About the Winegard balun. It can be installed either way, phase relationship flips with balun reversal, matters not much on single antennas. For stacking, to maintain phase relationship, one must take this into consideration.

Antenna rotators can be very useful tools in troubleshooting.


'Above the top' will be easier explained after a few more photos.


This is a photo of the antennas that replaced the CM-1110.



The only objective of the VHF antennas was to better receive WKYT (at that time RF channel 13), 74 miles distant, 2-edge diffraction according to TVfool.

The configuration:

- Two Winegard YA-1713, stacked
- Combiner; Winegard CC-7870
- Spacing; 43 inches (was varied +/- 18 inches while watching Signal Meter)
- Mast length; 10.5 feet, ~ 7.5 feet above tower.
(Made from heavy duty top fence rail (SS-20, ~1 & 3/8 inch outer diameter)

- Channel Master antenna rotator moved inside tower for stability.
- Final Preamp, Channel Master CM-7777 (original), a WG-3700 was tested
- All cables RG-6, custom installed connectors.

In 2010, WKYT changed RF channels from VHF 13 to UHF 36, so the YA-1713s were not of much use after that.

The configuration stayed in place for approximately a year, until ~mid 2010.

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