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Mid 1960's VHF Antenna

No intention to divert from other antennas and tests, or other related.

Took down an antenna this morning and thought it (or the story) may be interesting to someone.

It's a Log-V antenna, VHF (low and high), maybe FM.

It was located at an apartment complex and appeared to be a potential hazard to those who lived there. From the ground, the antenna looked to be in good shape (see photo). Realizing that the antenna might soon be lost to wind, an inquiry was made and the responsible people were glad to have it removed.

The antenna originally had four guy wires that had long since broken. The guy wire remnants were so degraded that flexing a couple of times, they crumbled.


Turned out, the antenna is in good shape. Whoever designed and built it, made it to last. Element-to-boom support is very sturdy. All the elements folded back to the boom perfectly, no insulator was cracked. On the ground, the gold anodizing is still visible.

The antenna could be vintage mid-1960s. Certain features in the construction point to early times. Mid 60's is about the earliest date that Log-V antennas were available, and was probably about the time the apartment complex was constructed. Could be a Radio Shack antenna. Seems that during the 60s, Radio Shack marketed several major brands; Finco, Channel Master, JFD, and others.

If anyone has clues to it's origin, please post.

Anyhow, back to regular program.

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