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Sorry, but I didn't see the post earlier in it's unexpected location.

The DB8e is pretty much as just described. Customers have been asking us for years to include the flexibility of independent aiming of the panels so we tossed the feature in there. When the antenna gets up in the air and the panels are aimed independently, either it will work or it won't. For those customers for whom it works, everyone's happy. If it doesn't then it will be necessary to fall back to the conventional practices of rotors, A-B switches, and the like. There's nothing magical or otherwise about the combiner - it's a very good two port splitter that is about as efficient as we could produce. If it's been treated with pixie dust or otherwise has "special" characteristics that eliminate signal phasing issues, I didn't get told about that. The coaxial cable's length has been optimized for this application.

As the DB8e is a UHF design, its application is going to be somewhat limited by the presence of VHF channels in many markets. It isn't for everyone (no antenna is) but, for those who need its peak boresite gain for "straight-ahead" locations, it's the best thing this side of a parabolic for UHF performance.
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