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4 Bay Bowtie

Several manufacturers make 4 bay bowtie antennas because of its simple design and good gain. Some of the more common variants include the Channel Master 4221, Antennas Direct DB4, and Winegard 4400. This design is also the basis of a very popular DIY "coat hanger" antenna seen on the internet.

Typical Application
- Outdoors, roof-top, suitable for medium to weak signals with moderate multi-path.

- Approximately 20" wide, 35" tall, and 7" thick

Operating Frequencies
- UHF only

- This antenna gets between 6 and 13 dBd at different points within the UHF band.
- This antenna has its maximum gain out its front. The face with the bowties should be aimed toward the transmitters. The horizontal beam width is approximately +/-30 degrees from side to side (60 degrees total width), in case you need to fetch channels spread apart by several degrees.
- This antenna pattern is very similar to the pattern of a 2 bay bowtie antenna except that the main lobe has been "squashed" in the vertical direction. The horizontal beam width remains about the same, but the vertical beam width is smaller.
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