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2 Bay Bowtie

Several manufacturers make 2 bay bowtie antennas because of its simple design, reasonable gain, and compact size. Some of the more common variants include the Channel Master 4220 and Antennas Direct DB2.

Typical Application
- Outdoors, patio or roof-top, suitable for strong to medium signals with only mild multi-path.
- Although these are intended for outdoor use, they are also small enough to be considered for indoor use as long as you can figure out a way to mount it and don't mind the size/aesthetics/weight (it's a bit bulkier than your standard set-top antenna).

- Approximately 20" wide, 18" tall, and 7" thick

Operating Frequencies
- UHF only

- This antenna gets between 4 and 8 dBd at different points within the UHF band.
- This antenna has its maximum gain out its front. The face with the bowties should be aimed toward the transmitters. The horizontal beam width is approximately +/-30 degrees from side to side (60 degrees total width), in case you need to fetch channels spread apart by several degrees.
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