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Silver Sensor

This small log periodic antenna was first introduced by a U.K. based company called Antiference. It was later licensed for sale in the U.S. by Zenith, and now it is being licensed by Philips. The influence of this popular antenna design can also be seen in copy-cat products like the Terk HDTVi (which adds rabbit ears to mix).

Typical Application
- Indoors, set-top, suitable for strong to medium signals with only mild multi-path.

- Approximately 13.5" wide, 13" long, and 9.5" tall

Operating Frequencies
- UHF only
- Copy-cat products that include rabbit ears may also provide some VHF capability. See the post on rabbit ears to get a feel for the potential VHF performance.

- This antenna gets between 3 and 6 dBd at different points within the UHF band.
- This antenna has its maximum gain out its front (the "nose of the airplane"). The tip of the antenna should be aimed toward the transmitters. The horizontal beam width is approximately +/-30 degrees from side to side, in case you need to fetch channels spread apart by several degrees.
- Even though this antenna allows you to mount the elements in a vertical orientation, this is usually sub-optimal for TV reception. TV signals are horizontally polarized, so this antenna will usually perform better in it normal horizontal configuration.
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