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Callsign Lookup

Quick links: Try it here.

STEP 1: Enter the callsign of the station you are looking for. Partial callsigns are allowed if you are not sure about all of the letters used by the station.

You can limit the search to just analog or digital transmitters if you are looking for a particular entry. Most stations only have digital broadcasts these days, but there may still be some analog low power, Class A, translator, or booster stations that are still active in some areas (they were not subject to the same analog shutoff deadline as the "major" broadcasters).

Click on the [Search] button to locate the station's coverage map.

STEP 1a: If your search returns multiple results (because the letter combination was not unique), you will be presented with a list of all the matching stations. Use the radio buttons to select the transmitter that you are really interested in and click the [View map] button.

STEP 2: You should be presented with a map showing the selected station's coverage overlay. The station's channel, transmit power, and coordinates are also shown. A link the the FCC's online database query tool is also provided in case you wish to look up more information.

NOTE: This search tool will only succeed if it can locate a matching FCC database record and TV Fool coverage overlay. There may be situations when the FCC database gets updated, but the coverage overlays are not yet up-to-date. If the system cannot find matching FCC and overlay data, it will fail the search and let you know. If you get a failed search result, it could mean one of two things:
  1. the transmitter does not exist in the database
  2. the transmitter does exist in the database, but the information does not match any coverage overlays in our image library
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