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tinkerer 8-Aug-2022 10:41 PM

Antenna Help!
I am currently using one of the flat indoor antennas and normally get good reception, however when the clouds roll in channels 8 and 10 will pixelate.
I am hoping that an outdoor antenna will overcome these issues.
My problem is what kind?

Here is a link to my RabbitEars report.

The channels I would like to get are;

Thanks in advance!

Tim 10-Aug-2022 12:01 AM

The flat indoor antennas are usually best on the UHF stations. KGTV and KFMB are VHF-Hi stations. Plus they are coming in from a different direction than your UHF stations. However those 2 VHF-Hi stations are really close to you. Which of the flat indoor antennas are you using?

tinkerer 10-Aug-2022 3:29 AM

It is a Channel Master Flatenna.

tinkerer 10-Aug-2022 6:18 PM

I missed the fact that the two channels I am having problems with are VHF.
So does that mean I should use two low gain antennas (VHF and UHF)?

In case it matters I am in San Diego, CA.

Tim 10-Aug-2022 7:22 PM


Originally Posted by tinkerer (Post 63747)
I missed the fact that the two channels I am having problems with are VHF.
So does that mean I should use two low gain antennas (VHF and UHF)?

Looking at the specs for the Channelmaster Flatenna, the specs show reception on both VHF and UHF, although the antenna has less gain for VHF.

Even though these antennas are advertised as omnidirectional, most of them show directional characteristics. Have you tried turning it in a different direction? The UHF stations you listed are to your southeast while the two VHF stations are to your west.

You might want to consider trying an inexpensive rabbit ear type antenna. The extendable VHF elements might give you more "capture area" for the VHF signals and it could readily be turned to favor the westerly direction.

Also you might want to consider joining the Antenna Forum at This particular group is pretty much dead these days and you might get more answers over there.

OTAFAN 11-Aug-2022 1:23 AM

Hello Tinkerer:

Tim's given you good advice and is one of the forums long-time posters and best techs.

FWIW, I have used a number of indoor and outdoor antennas at my location here in S OC/LA CO. The indoor antenna that pulled in the most stations reliably was Antennas Direct Flex, especially on VHF. I was even able to pick up a low VHF station nearly 40 miles away on RetroTV 63.3, real 4! (To be fair, KWHY-TV is the tower Retro is broadcasting off of and it's a VERY STRONG signal! A "flame thrower" its been called, but needed for good low VHF transmission). Also, I recommended this antenna to someone else here on the forum a couple of years ago, who lived in a somewhat challenging TV reception area and it improved their reception noticeably.

As far as outdoor antennas, since you have stations from different directions you might want to look at Channel Masters Omni or "Flat" antennas that are optimal for picking up stations from two different directions. There's other manufacturers that make these as well.

I'm not a tech like Tim or others here, but hopefully my experiences will be helpful to you.

Please keep the forum posted as to your progress. I'm sure it would be of interest and helpful to others.

All the best.....

Tim 11-Aug-2022 3:44 PM

LOL! Don't let OTAFAN fool you. He has helped guide a lot of people with great information about antennas and TV reception over the years. He has a lot of knowledge in particular about reception in the southern California area.

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