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kenmsw 22-Jan-2019 6:51 AM

antenna help in San Diego CA
We live in San Diego and need help with antenna selection. I have tried a couple but have not found one that gets all the channels, the best we have done still leaves out NBC and PBS. We suspect that the mountains interfere with our signal. Our Signal Analysis Results follow:

Thanks for your recommendation.

rabbit73 22-Jan-2019 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by kenmsw (Post 60648)
I have tried a couple but have not found one that gets all the channels, the best we have done still leaves out NBC and PBS.

Hello, kenmsw; welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the signal report.

What antennas have you tried and where were they located?

What channels were you able to receive?

What channels are most important to you?


We suspect that the mountains interfere with our signal.
What you suspect is true, making reliable reception more difficult, but perhaps not impossible.

JoeAZ 22-Jan-2019 7:01 PM


I installed an antenna in Lemon Grove several years ago
with good results. For KFMB CBS Rf8 and KGTV ABC Rf10
I would suggest: A VHF only antenna aimed at La Jolla
or Northnorthwest at Los Angeles. You may be able to
get KABC, KTTV, KCOP and KCAL. The L.A. VHF stations
signal strength are grossly underestimated in the TV fool report.

For the rest of your stations I would suggest a UHF only antenna
aimed at Mt. Helix, to your Southeast. Antennas Direct has several
models which would likely work well. Newark also has UHF only

You may combine the antennas with a UVSJ which will combine all
the signals with minimal issues or run two separate cable runs to
each television with an A/B switch at each tv.

Keep your cable runs as short as possible, using RG6.
Be sure to ground your system, it helps with lightening and
can improve reception.

Tower Guy 23-Jan-2019 3:41 AM

A two antenna solution with a UVSJ is best, but here’s an idea that works only in your section of San Diego.

If you can find a discontinued Winegard HD-1080 it works on both UHF and VHF with the pattern of the two bands aimed in opposite directions, which is exactly what you need. If the pattern on the spec sheet is accurate, you can gain a bit by installing the antenna upside down.

Here’s one supplier that I found. It’s on sale for $25.

psa64 31-Jan-2019 4:11 PM

San Diego: KABC-7 + KCAL-9 co-channel interference
I'm in 92116 with a Winegard HD7698P (40' with rotor) usually aimed at LA's Mt Wilson. Ninety percent of the time, LA stations (vf 2, 4, 5, 11, 13, 22, 30, 44, 52, and 63) come in fine; 50 percent for 24, 57, and 64); 50 percent also for KMPR-38 and occasionally KEYT-3 from Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, KABC-7 + KCAL-9 only available when local channels, KZTC-7 and KSDX-9, off air. Oddly, KTTV-11 comes through despite XHTJB sharing same vf, just as KOCE did back when it shared vf 50 with KSDY before channel reshuffling. I surmise that rf UHF channels have greater flexibility to share vchannels than VHF. Needless to say, Mt Woodson, San Miguel, Soledad, Tecate, and Tijuana signals all received 100 percent depending on antenna orientation.

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