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Paul Aeberli 17-Feb-2012 1:49 AM

tv signal analysis error, north ontario
Hi, I'm located in Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada. There are 3 DTV channels in this area; 3.1 (CTV2 Barrie), 7.1 (Global Bala), 67.1 (CHCH Bala).
When I enter my address and/or postal code (L9Z2E7), the display shows the correct info for about 3 seconds then reverts to the old analogue info. If I try to save the good data, the incorrect info is always stored.
Please update your software to hold this, correct, info and delete the old stuff.:)


mtownsend 24-Feb-2012 7:49 PM

You should have the option of selecting different channels sets to view. Look for some radio buttons that let you select between "all channels", "digital only", and "analog only". There are actually 6 possible choices: three for "current" (older analog) data, and three for "pending" (existing and future digital) data.

To view the latest Canadian digital stations, you'll want to choose the pending digital-only list.

I hope that helps.

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