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mikey1273 13-Apr-2021 1:05 AM

Antenna Mounting help
I ordered all the stuff to install the antenna I decided might work well for me.
My first main issues is the wall mount brackets did not come with any instructions.
I an not sure how far apart the top and bottom bracket should be.
Can any one help me with this?

jrgagne99 13-Apr-2021 3:16 PM

It depends on how high your mast is, antenna size, wind loads, etc. For a large antenna such as an HD8200U on an 8-foot mast, I would try to put at least 18" between braces, maybe more. That's kind of a WAG, but maybe a good starting point for you to consider.

mikey1273 13-Apr-2021 4:15 PM

I actually got a response from the vendor (signal group) where I bought the stuff.
They are telling me to have the mast poles in my case where I am mounting to a wall on a 3rd Story with a 2nd floor roof below. To use enough to have the mast pole extend to the roof below and sit on a metal plate so it doesn't dig in to the roof. Then mount to top bracket as high has possible where the mast extends above the roof and the bottom one half way or lower down the wall and use the 3rd leg included with the mount on the bottom.

Does this sound good?

jrgagne99 14-Apr-2021 1:56 PM

Sounds reasonable, but what antenna are you putting up, how high above the top-most bracket, and what is the construction of the mast (i.e. material, diameter, and wall thickness)? Is the mast all one piece, or several pieces etc.

mikey1273 15-Apr-2021 2:53 AM

Im putting up an RCA antenna, ant3037E 66" boom length. It's made for Hi-VHF and UHF which are in my area. There is a Lo-vhf kit included that you can add to the antenna during assembly but I won't adding that since my area has no channels below 7 in use.
The mast is 1-1/4 inch mast in 5foot sections. It will likely be about 8-9:feet above the roof. The top bracket of the monnt will be at the top of the wall below the eve. Going to install the lower one 4or 5feet down
The wall is wood not sure of how thick it's an old house that's built sturdy.
Will be aiming at the TV towers in Harrisburg PA 26 miles away from york pa

jrgagne99 15-Apr-2021 1:59 PM

For that antenna, your proposed 4-5 feet of spacing with 1-1/4 inch mast seems fine, even for antenna 8 feet above roof. That is not a huge antenna like the HD8200U, CM-5020 or similar. One thing to consider is how to keep the sections from spinning, as you don't want your aim to wander over time due to wind. Do you put a cross-bolt or something at the joints?

(BTW, I meant the wall thickness of the mast pipe, sorry if that wasn't clear)

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