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ATSC MH Mobile Tv
ATSC Digital Broadcast Tv is Transmitted and Received 2 ways.

Standard ATSC Digital Broadcast Tv that does not cope well with movement such as trees and airplanes and other movement.
The picture/sound breaks up into blocks and sometimes goes blank.

ATSC MH = ATSC Mobile Hand Held. And is also named ATSC Mobile.

ATSC MH/Mobile , has Extra Digital Information that Corrects the Disrupting Effects of Movement on the ATSC Digital Broadcast Tv Transmission and Reception.

ATSC MH/Mobile , can be received when the ATSC MH/Mobile receiver is moving or when the ATSC MH/Mobile receiver is not moving such as in a house or other buildings.

ATSC MH/Mobile is transmitted and received , Circular or Elliptical antenna polarizations.

The receiving antenna can be in varying degrees vertical and horizontal positions.


With Standard ATSC , most but not all Tv transmission and reception is with the Tv antenna in the Horizontal position/plane. , , shows a list of --Standard-- ATSC Tv Stations that are Transmitting , Circular or Elliptical polarizations. , the C is for Circular. , the E is for Elliptical.


Here is a list and not the only listing of Digital Tv Stations that are transmitting ATSC MH/Mobile.


Here is more information ,


Also note the ATSC MH/Mobile signal is the same as Standard ATSC , in that the Best and Most Reliable Reception happens when the Receiving Antenna is Free of Obstructions.

For the Best Reception with the receiver in a building the antenna needs to be above the roof of the building in such a manner that the roof and building are not blocking reception in the directions of the Tv transmitters.


Here are some and not all ATSC MH/Mobile Receivers.

Please note that just because ATSC MH/Mobile receivers are made to install in a vehicle or boat does not mean the ATSC MH/Mobile must be installed in a vehicle.

The receiver can be inside of house/building and connected to a power supply.


Here are some more and not all ATSC MH/Mobile receivers.


Select ,

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