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JTl 3-Jul-2012 5:19 PM

Tuner for my monitor
With help from this site I purchased an antenna (my first in 35 years) and I am receiving very nice signals. Before I dump Verizon cable I need to get a tuner for my 8 year old 42" NEC plasma monitor. It is not HD but rather something called EDTV which I think is 720p. It is rarely used since it is in a spare bedroom but since I have it want to set it up. I was thinking of getting a cheap digital to analog converter (Iview 2000STB) and use this as my tuner for this monitor only device. Any thoughts or suggestions.

MisterMe 3-Jul-2012 11:24 PM

EDTV is 480p. I assume that your EDTV set has component video, possibly DVI, and maybe even HDMI. Any of these ports will give you a better picture than the RF that most people use to connect their digital converters to their TV sets.

For this reason, I recommend a digital tuner or an ATSC-compatible DVR rather than a digital converter. The ChannelMaster CM7000 PAL is my preferred choice. The newer ChannelMaster CM-7400 DVR has many more features. The downside to a DVR is the it costs at least $300 compared to about $50 or less for a converter. Also, as part of the Nation's digital changeover, every household is entitled to a Federal subsidy for two digital converters. This subsidy covers the cost of most converters making the less expensive models free to you.

In my experience, the single greatest improvement that digital broadcasts bring to your TV picture is the elimination of multi-path signals and "snow." Whether you have a tuner or converter, you will experience these benefits of digital OTA broadcasts.

You have your reasons for wanting to stick with your EDTV. However, that set should be getting long in the tooth about now. HDTV sets with 1080p flat panel displays are selling for just a few hundred dollars. Rather than worrying about which converter to buy or applying for the convert subsidy, you can just screw your antenna cable to the RF port of a new HDTV and enjoy your local ATSC broadcasts in all their HD glory [if the programs are broadcast in HD].

JTl 4-Jul-2012 12:12 AM

Very good points. If it was my main tv I would not have any issues but since it is just a unit that never gets used I just want to go cheap since it is soooo old.

MisterMe 4-Jul-2012 4:49 PM

Will you use the old TV after you acquire either a converter or tuner/DVR for it?

JTl 4-Jul-2012 5:07 PM

I will occasionally use it but not often, which is why I just wanted a cheap option. I ordered the Iview unit from Amazon, it is not digital output but neither was the Verizon box that I will no longer be able to use. Pic is pretty crappy compared to my 56" Samsung. I actually had a Tivo unit laying around that might have worked if I wanted to pay for a subscription. Had one once before and only recorded a couple of times in the year that I had it so that was not an option and I already have a device to access Netflix and Pandora. My plan was and is to dump Verizon and get an Internet only plan from Comcast since they are considerably cheaper than Verizon for a stand alone plan.

MisterMe 5-Jul-2012 3:13 AM

Two things:
  1. There is been several reports on this forum of poor reception when using a Tivo DVR for OTA programming.
  2. The low quality that you received from Verizon probably had much more to do with the signal from Verizon than the TV that you displayed it on.

JTl 5-Jul-2012 12:41 PM

In my opinion Tivo is overpriced. I am really surprised that they are still around.

Electron 6-Jul-2012 12:05 AM

All questions and answers about broadcast tv reception and More.

Ustauk 24-Feb-2014 9:48 PM

From Newegg in the U.S. and Canada, and Memory Express in Canada, among other places, you can get a HomeWorx HW-150PVR ATSC Digital Converter Box w/ Media Player Function. The manual states it supports 480p resolution, which according to this page is the same as EDTV, 720x420. You can hook it in through composite, component, or HDMI (though your TV may be too old for HDMI). You get a converter box, plus the bonus of a digital video recorder with limited media playback capabilities, as long as you spring for a decent sized USB thumb drive or USB hard drive. Good luck!

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