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Deejay 1-Mar-2015 12:00 PM

Newbie question
So we bought a new house and there's an antenna on the roof which I would like to use for our tv. But when I hook this up to the tv there's ne reception.

Here's my location.

mars1162 1-Mar-2015 12:54 PM

No reception
Did you do a new channel scan on your TV? Is the coax actually from that antenna? Is it a tv antenna? Plz tell us a little more info. If the coax from the TV was all ready there you made need to find out where it was run at. There might be a spot inside the house where the previous owners took out a splitter or a distribution amplifier and that is why you have no reception. At your location you should be picking up several with no problem.

Deejay 1-Mar-2015 4:09 PM

Thanks for the reply. How do I tell if its a tv antenna. Its pretty big. Also the end of the cable from the antenna has 2 wires. So I bought a coaxial cable to uhf converter so I could hook it up to the tv.

Deejay 1-Mar-2015 10:24 PM

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Heres a pic of the antenna

mars1162 2-Mar-2015 5:46 AM

No reception
It is a tv antenna and I see a few of the elements are missing. The ones that are missing are probaly more for the older channels like 2 to 6 which digital TV does not use anymore. It should still get you some of the local TV stations anyway. Is the cable coming from antenna what is called twin lead which is a flat cable with two wires running on each side about a 1/4 inch apart in plastic of some sort? I think you may have a break in the cable somewhere if you are not recieving any channels. You may consider replacing the old cable with 75 ohm coax and using a balun at the antenna to reconnect to the 300 ohm terminals on the antenna. The old style of cable was called twin lead and it is 300 ohm. 75 ohm coax is what is used mostly today and most newer tv's have a 75 ohm connection on the back instead of 300 ohm. Is the TV you are using a digital tv or are you using a converter box to make digital work?

Stereocraig 2-Mar-2015 10:34 AM

Correct. You should have no need for the longest elements.
Make sure your menu is set to air, OTA, or broadcast when scanning.
Make sure the antenna is facing Chicago and maybe even replace that cable.
If you're missing elements, the cable probably is in disrepair, also.

Deejay 3-Mar-2015 2:40 AM

Its an older digital tv I think. Like I said I really dont know much about this stuff. But you describe the wire perfect its a twin lead. Where would I get a balun? And are they easy to install? Thanks again.

mars1162 9-Mar-2015 6:21 PM

Finding a balun
You should be able to find one at just about anyplace that sells tv 's and supplys for them. If not try some online site like antennas direct or some thing similar. The balun will connect to the same place on your antenna that the twin lead is connected to now. The balun will have 2 leads on it and the other end will have a 75 ohm female connector that will screw onto your 75 ohm coax. You might consider getting your coax from the same place as the balun and have them put the 75 ohm connectors on it for you. Make sure and get a long enough coax to reach tv and some extra. When you connect the balun if you dont have a weather proof boot to slip over balun and connector then tape up with electrical tape to keep moistuer out of it. Your antenna will have some shorter elements on it and some longer ones. The shortest elements are the front of antenna. Try to have the front of antenna pointed in direction of the stations you are trying to recieve. I hope this helps.

mars1162 9-Mar-2015 6:48 PM

Finding a balun DeeJay try this site and you can also see what it is. A balun is just a shorter word for balanced to unbalanced. What it does is match you antenna's impedance to the impedance of your coax and tv. Impedance is measured in ohms. That is why you need something to match your antenna which is 300 ohms to your tv and coax which is 75 ohms. Balun = matching transformer. There are lots of ways to make things match but this is the simplest and cheapest way to go. When you get on solid signal site I am sure you can find some coax there also.

timgr 9-Mar-2015 8:58 PM

Amazon -

Often they are called transformers. As mars1162 described, they match the twin-lead impedance of 300 ohms to the coaxial cable impedance of 75 ohms.

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