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lviperz 24-Mar-2015 5:05 PM

New here and looking for recommendation
Hello, new here and I thought I would ask for some recommendations.

I recently learned my local cable company is going all digital and I may no longer be able to use QAM channels for my MythTV setup using my HDhomerun tuners. Just a couple of weeks ago they changed all the QAM channels so you no longer need the major and minor numbers. Only need the minor numbers now.

So I figured I would just get an antenna and be done with the changes and crap. I only record the local networks with mythtv anyway.

Here is my signal analysis.

I was thinking of this antenna.

Do you all think that would be a good choice? I'm looking for a solid reliable signal. I'll also need to split the signal to 4, maybe 5 tuners. Each of my HDhomeruns have 2 tuners and I may put an additional tuner card in the PC.

With cable I can actually get 2 recordings on one tuner if the channels are on the same stream. I won't get that option using ATSC OTA. So I would be dropping from 8 tuners to 4 which is why I may add another tuner card.

All the tuners will be located together so would a simple splitter work ok or should I get a pre-amp?


Tower Guy 24-Mar-2015 6:56 PM

Your antenna choice is appropriate for your location.

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