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dogggis 10-Dec-2013 11:03 PM

Considering a bigger antenna, thoughts?
I'm considering getting a bigger antenna and want to know if it will get me what I want.

First my info:

Signal Map:

Current antenna:

Its on top of my 2 story roof. I estimate at least 25 off the ground.

This is the pre-amp I'm using and it totally makes a difference:

I live about 25 miles southeast of Seattle.
Right now I get channels:

KWPX-TV 33.1
KZJO 22.1 (Joe TV)
KCPQ-DT 13.1 (Fox)
KIRO 7.1 (CBS)
KUNS 51.1 (Univision)

I can pick up these other three channels, which I'd really love to have, but I have to turn my antenna just a little bit, and end up losing channels 7 and 13 above.

KOMO 38 (4.1) (ABC)
KONG-DT 31 (16.1) (NBC)

Most of the channels that I do get have a pretty weak signal and will sometimes get too weak if its raining.

I'd also rather not have to use a rotor to get all the channels if possible.

I'm thinking of getting this DB8 antenna:

My Questions:
I'm hoping that since its multi-directional that I'll be able to pick up all the channels without having to use a rotor. Thoughts?
I'm also hoping that the signal will come in stronger and not die out due to weather.
Do you think I would need a separate VHF antenna?

Thanks for your help!

Flint Ridge 11-Dec-2013 2:12 AM

The Pro's will be along.

To me the novice it seems like something is wrong in the system. With signals like that you should easily get the channels you need most likely without amplification.

What is the layout where you live? Down in a hole, dense heavy foliage/trees? Valley?

How many tv's do you have connected? What type of cable, connectors and how old/condition?

Seems like the antenna you are looking at is a wonderful long range unit, but to me is overkill. That's what I would use 75 miles out.

Have you tried a fresh length of coax straight from the antenna (bi-pass amp) to just one tv, no splitters etc? Scan and see what you have. Need to eliminate problems.

Oh and the antenna you are looking at is UHF(15+) only and you have some VHF(14 and lower) you want. So that has to be considered.

Seems like with a medium range multi-directional with those strengths you should be getting most everything in the green/yellow with a quality antenna and components.

dogggis 11-Dec-2013 2:40 AM

There are tall trees in the area, about 30 - 40 yards away, that my antenna is pointed directly at. And my house sits in a lower-ish area as well, with small hills round about.

As for the connections, when I was first experimenting to see which channels I could even get, I had the coax come straight off the roof to the tv in my bedroom, and the channels I did get were pretty weak, without the preamp. Add the preamp and that made the signals much stronger. So then i took the coax and plugged it into the side of my house which takes it to the media closet in the house, where it splits once, to go to my tv downstairs and also the tv upstairs. That's where the pre-amps earns its money, none of the tvs picked up the signal without the pre-amp with that routing, so yes, the splitters and length weaken the signal a bit, but the pre-amp allows for viewing of the channels I listed previously.

So I really want to know if I can get an antenna to pick them ALL up with stronger signals as a plus.

Would this be a better option?

teleview 11-Dec-2013 4:05 AM

As GUM often says

The 5 different reception situations of Seattle and that area of the USA are

1. Trees

2. Mountains

3. Trees

4. Mountains

5. Down in a hole


Here is a way to get the ANT751 antenna higher , the idea is to use a tall straight tree to get the antenna up high and avoid other trees in the direction/s of reception .

GroundUrMast 11-Dec-2013 7:14 PM

Try replacing the matching transformer.

If that fails to provide a solution, consider stepping up to a larger antenna system that has both UHF and H-VHF capability.

A premium solution would be an Antennas Direct DB8e + Antennacraft Y10713 + RCA TVPRAMP1R.

There are smaller scale options to consider... But your experience with the ANT-751 suggests that you're fighting local terrain and/or vegetation and therefor the numbers on your TV Fool report may be optimistic.

Comenius 12-Dec-2013 3:25 PM

Curious, why would the DB8e be a better choice than their C4?

GroundUrMast 12-Dec-2013 6:24 PM


Originally Posted by Comenius (Post 40503)
Curious, why would the DB8e be a better choice than their C4?

I presume the 'their' in, "... their C4..." referrers to 'Antennas Direct'... The forward beam of the C4 is fixed and it's peak gain is spec'd at 5 dB less than the DB8e. The DB8e can be adjusted to provide either a narrow forward beam or wider. In this application, I think the DB8e will need to be adjusted to a moderately wide forward beam to optimize reception from the two main groups of signals.

(Note that I am suggesting the new DB8e, not the older DB8.)


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