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jopala 22-Jan-2011 3:44 AM

newbie needs advice
I just canceled Time Warner Cable and am looking to get the basic network channels over the air in HD. I don't need every channel but I would be willing to spend a little more on a quality antenna for a better signal or a few more channels. I am thinking of attaching a mast to the chimney to mount the antenna.

Any advice on which antennas I should be considering?

Also, does anyone have advice on a DVR to buy? are there any non-subscription DVRs that compete with the Tivo products?

Thanks in advance. any help is appreciated.

here is the report for my area:

GroundUrMast 22-Jan-2011 5:40 AM

WOW! I wish it was this easy every time. That is one of the best TV Fool reports I've seen. I count 34 real channels which should provide more than twice that number of programing feeds. And they are all on the same azimuth. It doesn't get better than this.

For a slight over-build, I would recommend an Antennacraft HBU-33 aimed at 336 per your compass. That mounted on your chimney should provided ample signal strength to drive up to four receivers with no amplifier in the system. An HBU-22 or even the RCA ANT-751 would work. For that matter, a cheap set of rabbit ears (no amplifier) should work if there is no metal in the walls.

Channel Master offers the CM-7000pal a turn-key DVR solution.

Windows 7 Home Premium includes the software for a home theater PC, including DVR functionality. You would need to add a Silicondust HD Homerun tuner If you are a Linux fan, MythTV is the HTPC software that comes to mind.

I own three HDHR units: I can grab the laptop and watch HD TV anywhere in range of my wireless-G access point.

John Candle 22-Jan-2011 6:14 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
The easy life !! With a simple indoor Tv antenna you will receive more channels then you can ever watch. If the house is a plain wood frame with wood or composite siding then one of these indoor antennas with a Tv. . Here is how to aim Tv antennas

John Candle 22-Jan-2011 6:41 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
I agree , your location is truly astounding. All the channels in green are all about the same Strong Signal Strength. And even the channels in yellow are all the same moderate signal strength. All of the channels are LOS = Line of Sight , that means no obstructions are in the way between the transmitter antenna and your receiving antenna. GUM is actually making a little joke about the strong channels and HBU33 antenna. You see , the HBU33 is a very modest roof top Tv antenna and even so it's still almost more then what is needed. Do not install a amplifier unless you will be connecting to 5 or more Tv's. Here is a DVD Recorder , VHS Recorder with a Built In Broadcast Digital Tv Tuner. The tuner has the latest Digital Tuner IC Chips. Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK. Here are online Tv Guides. , ,

John Candle 22-Jan-2011 7:00 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
If you have some older Analog Tv's. Here are digital to analog converters. Tivax STB-T8 , Alphadigital AT2016 , Zinwell ZAT950A , CM7000 , CM7000PAL. Do not go for other model numbers , as an example the Tivax STB-T9 is actually an older model then the Tivax STB-T8. The Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK will also convert digital to analog. Some new Panasonic Tv's will interface directly with the DMR-EZ48VK , one remote controls both.

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