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Jim5506 1-Aug-2011 1:16 AM

KBIM-DT 10(10.1) no coverage map
Using the Map facility inputting the 88201 zipcode for Roswell, NM, KBIM-DT 10(10.1) has no coverage map associated with the station, any reason why?

I live in Lubbock TX and was trying to see if feasable how tall a tower I'd need to pull in KBIM-DT and KOBR-DT from Roswell, but there is no coverage map showing for KBIM-DT.

mtownsend 1-Aug-2011 9:27 PM

The reason for the missing coverage overlay is because the FCC recorded a change to their callsign. It used to be KBIM-TV, and it is now KBIM-DT. This makes the transmitter look like a "different" transmitter than what we have in the overlay database.

Coverage overlays take a long time to re-process, and they can lag behind the "current" database by several weeks. Since the map tool is not finding a match for KBIM-DT in the overlay database, it is saying that it cannot display a corresponding coverage map.

As an immediate fix for this, we will make the KBIM-DT coverage overlay match the KBIM-TV overlay (since transmitter specs have not changed, the overlays ought to be identical) without having to wait for the next round of re-processing to finish.

I hope this helps.

canant 4-Aug-2011 6:13 AM

Any idea when the "pending" coverage overlays will be updated? Industry Canada updated its database to include CBUFT-DT on May 18, 2011 and TV Signal Locator started listing that transmitter within the same week. As of yet there is no overlay map.

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