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rabbit73 9-Dec-2020 1:31 AM

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Originally Posted by mdoverstreet (Post 63428)
35.922613879902364, -92.53710378167852

Those coordinates are from I zoomed in on his house and put the marker exactly where the antenna is located. He's using a cheap-looking antenna, something like this.
The other coordinates may have been off. Not sure. Sorry if they were.

Thank you for the new coordinates. That location is a little further North and on higher ground; 1007 ft instead of 974 ft ground elevation. This is the signal report:

The signals look a little better.


I was wanting to show a picture, but I don't know how to post here.
Just start to make a post and click on Go Advanced > Manage Attachments > click on Browse... > select the photo in your computer > click on Open > it should then show as a Current Attachment


click to play; it takes a while to download from Dropbox

click to download and play later

I use VLC Media Player

People that are not forum members can't see attachments or the images in a post that are attachments first. I have to use an image host to show the image like this from imgur:

mdoverstreet 9-Dec-2020 3:36 AM

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This is the antenna he is using.

RMinNJ 9-Dec-2020 12:26 PM

OMG.. I thought one would need a large yagi or bay antenna. Even if that works they have been known to go bad...having to go back up there..

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