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kbowers 12-Nov-2015 12:35 PM

cant get FOX?

I get other channels in that same direction closer and further out, but I am unable to get FOX. I have a roof mounted antenna about 15' high. I have signal boosters (amps) on the coax into tv.

Tim 12-Nov-2015 1:40 PM

Are you speaking of FOX WALA on real channel 9? What kind of antenna do you have? What kind of "signal boosters" do you have? Where are they mounted? Are you feeding one TV directly or splitting to multiple TV sets? What type of cable are you using? Are there any trees or buildings in front of your antenna? The more information you can provide about your existing installation, the easier it will be to make some constructive comments.

The first thing that jumps out at me from your TV Fool report is that WALA is on the Hi VHF band while are your other stations above it on the report are UHF stations. Is your antenna capable of VHF-Hi reception or is it UHF only? Also, WALA is quite weak at your location.

Tower Guy 13-Nov-2015 1:19 AM

Assuming that you already have a VHF antenna, your other problem is that there is a second channel 9 that is only 8 db weaker than WALA. To pick up WALA reliably your antenna would need to reject the second channel 9 by more than 15 db while aimed at WALA. The exact model antenna that you have would be needed to figure it out.

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