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Yaguy 26-Jul-2012 9:45 PM

RE: TV Fool Database Needs Updating
For my location in West Vancouver, BC, Canada, doing a TV Signal Locator search, I get CBUT, real Channel analogue 2, (it was shut down on Sept 1, 2011 and replaced by CBUT-DT, real channel 47, virtual channel 2.

CIVI, real analogue channel 17, was replaced by CIVI-DT real digital channel 17. For the Vancouver market, the two analogues above are no longer active.

Also, the French CBC digital channel, CBUFT-DT, real 26, virtual 26, does not come up on the TV Signal Analysis Results.

The "Industry Canada" Database, as you know, will have all the current license information.

From Bellingham, KVOS-DT 35 has a subchannel: TheCoolTV 35.2, virtual 12.2.

KBCB-DT and K24IC-DT both have subchannels as well, but I don't know if TV Fool shows the subchannels.

Yaguy 5-Aug-2012 7:27 AM

RE: How TVFool is updated
Just a question here.
Who does the updating on the TVFool stations for the signal analysis database? It does look like it would be a lot of work with the myriad of stations throughout Canada and the US. Does a moderator go through all the members' posts and check with FCC and Industry Canada databases for discrepancies?

mtownsend 7-Aug-2012 1:24 AM

Generally speaking, the database import from the FCC and IC is automated. However, both data sources come with a few errors (that is, the database does not always match real-world operating transmitters). This can be caused by a variety of reasons like:

- Simple typos, transposed letters and/or numbers
- Old records that have not been removed
- Registration of "future" sites (entered into database, but not yet "live")
- Broadcaster failing to update their paperwork when things change
- Missing, incomplete, or incorrect data fields
- Multiple records for the same transmitter

When data corrections are sent to TV Fool (either as forum posts or via the "contact us" links), we try to verify the information and update our local database accordingly. In essence, we maintain a list of database "patches" that we apply to the incoming FCC and IC data to fix any errors that we know about.

We hope that the FCC and IC databases will improve over time, but the nice thing about TV Fool is that we can do better because of all the great feedback we get from our users. Every time a user sends in a data correction, we all benefit (more accurate reports, better maps, etc.).

Yaguy 7-Aug-2012 4:14 AM

RE: How TVFool is updated
Thanks for taking the time to explain it all so well, mtownsend. I'm sure a lot of people here will like to know that. And yes, the users are quite knowledgeable, and we all benefit from their thoroughness.

canant 11-Aug-2012 6:38 AM


Can you find out why the following analogs are still showing up as they were removed from Industry Canada's database month ago, yet continue to show up in TV Fool:
-CBUT channel 2, Vancouver, BC
-CIVI-TV channel 17, Vancouver, BC

canant 18-Sep-2012 7:46 AM

I see that many CBC analogs have disappeared from Industry Canada's TV database, but as discussed previously, the following two entries show up on TV Fool despite being gone from the Industry Canada database months ago:

-CBUT channel 2 (Vancouver, BC)
-CIVI-TV channel 17 (Vancouver, BC)

I can only guess that these two entries must have been manually entered into TV Fool. Can a TV Fool administrator remove these entries? These transmitters have been gone for over a year.

canant 20-Oct-2012 9:28 PM

I've re-checked TV Fool and the issues noted previously have been corrected, thank you for that.

Can TV Fool re-sync with Industry Canada's database, as SRC (ie CBC French) analog transmitters shut down on July 31, 2012, were removed from Industry Canada's database in late September and this is not yet reflected on TV Fool?

canant 31-Oct-2012 5:24 AM

Thanks for updating.

As an FYI, if updating from the Canadian database in the future, the link has changed to the following:

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