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Set 12-Feb-2021 4:18 AM

Looking for antenna recommendations.
Looking for a good Outdoor antenna.
Something good for my area and durable.

If a preamp or LTE filter is needed I’d like to hear recommendations on those as well.
I’m also considering a rotor if it will help.
Tired of turning it by hand in crappy weather 😁
My current antenna is very old and has better days.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Tower Guy 12-Feb-2021 12:34 PM

The link to rabbitears does not work and may be corrupted.

Please try again.

rabbit73 12-Feb-2021 2:27 PM

He did a copy and paste that lost the center part of the link; the ID number should be enough to recover the report:

Set 12-Feb-2021 5:00 PM

Rabbit73 that’s it. Thanks

OTAFAN 12-Feb-2021 10:19 PM

Hi Set:

Just to get you started, it looks like something bidirectional might fit your bill. You can check Antennas Direct website as they have several options.

If you go with a more traditional Yagi antenna and want to rotate it, check out Ham Radio Outlet and look at their Yaesu rotors. They have a good reputation of holding up over time. The link below is just one of several.

rabbit73 and Tower Guy have already chimed in, but if they have some recommendations I would take their advice, as they have the technical backgrounds that should help you reach "pay dirt." And there are other excellent techs here that could help you as well.

Anyway, just my two cents worth to get things moving for you. All the best!

JoeAZ 13-Feb-2021 12:48 PM


Unless you regularly watch religious programming, there is no need for a
rotor nor a bi-directional antenna. I would recommend the antenna below,
aimed somewhere between 60-70 degrees. It comes with a built in self
adjusting preamp. Let's not make this harder or more expensive than it
needs to be.....

At LOWES Home Improvement.
Televes DAT BOSS Mix Antenna Yagi Directional Outdoor HD; UHF; VHF TV Antenna
Item #2543142Model #149483

Set 13-Feb-2021 3:02 PM

It’s a interesting design and appears well built.
Would there be a benefit or loss going to the Televes DAT BOSS LR Mix Antenna Yagi Directional Outdoor HD; UHF; VHF TV Antenna
Item #2543143Model #149883
It’s a little more expensive.
Just wondering if it’s worth the extra money.
While I have no objection to religious channels, They probably aren’t my priority.
Currently channel 16 is a bit of a problem.
It’s close but not easy to get in.
Could be this 15-20 year old antenna though. 😜

JoeAZ 13-Feb-2021 7:07 PM

Hi Set,
Yes, the antenna is exceptionally well built AND it performs exceptionally as well.
I have the DAT Boss Mix LR and found it to be incredible in every way. I watch
1 Kw translators (LOS) at 67 miles with nary a pixel or breakup. The old design
Channel Master and Winegards are good but this is sooooo very much better and
less expensive as well. The LR version, that I have, is more directional than you
need or want. I'd stick with the model I recommended.... I doubt your old
antenna is at fault with Rf 16. Be sure to avoid nearby trees in the direction(s)
you aim the antenna. Good Luck!!!!

Set 13-Feb-2021 8:58 PM

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.
Unfortunately it’s nothing but trees and hills. 😁

Indeed it is a Old channel Master.
The plastic connections are cracked.
Rivets are rusted, main beam is a little floppy.
Light rain would kill half my channels. 🤷🏻*♂️

Tower Guy 13-Feb-2021 9:12 PM

I would suggest two antennas, one aimed at 48 degrees and one aimed at 88 degrees.

This package from Denny’s Antenna Service has all the components needed to make it work.

The package includes two antennas, two identical lengths of RG-6, a combiner, and a high quality preamp.

Note the picture in the link. The two antennas are mounted one above the other with a spacing of roughly 2 feet. This distance will help the system work properly.

I can’t predict how well it will work on channel 16 as neither antenna would be aimed at 16.

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