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MisterMe 17-Aug-2011 6:50 PM

Antenna Pros AX-906G2/LAVA HD2605
Does anyone have real world experience--good, bad, or nothing special--with either the Antenna Pros AX-906G2, the LAVA HD2605, or similar type of antenna? I find it interesting that despite the plethora of ads from companies that sell these devices that no one here has posted a review of anything from LAVA and only a review of the indoor AX-912 from Antenna Pros.

FWIW, I am in the market for a [hopefully compact] antenna that will be used over fairly flat terrain.

John Candle 18-Aug-2011 1:22 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
These types of antennas have been dealt with many times here at tvfool. I my self bought 3 of these types of antennas some time ago for the purpose of evaluation. What I found is the antennas are cheap plastic , super thin aluminum , Tiny little motors for rotation , the antennas wobble when rotating around , cheap flimsy hardware that will carrode very quickly. Go to , type in hd2605 and read the big bold RED print that states the truth about the 150 mile claims. The antenna scams are -full on- here in the USA and Canada because of the renewed interest in over the air tv broadcasting , now that the clear pictures and multipul channels of digital tv is here.

John Candle 18-Aug-2011 1:30 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
If you will like the Truth of a Real Tv Antenna for you reception situation. Go to the - Help With Reception - part of tvfool and use your exact address and the expected antenna height and is this a , house , condo , apt. , mobile home , motor home or etc. ??

John Candle 18-Aug-2011 1:38 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Here is a idea , you buy one or more of these type and kind of antennas , you evaluate over a period of time , and come back here with your reports. If you will like to scam people , buy container loads of these antennas for little money and sell for what others are charging and make your self a tidy pile of cash , then go to this web site and have at it ,

MisterMe 18-Aug-2011 2:32 AM


Originally Posted by John Candle (Post 10572)
... I my self bought 3 of these types of antennas some time ago for the purpose of evaluation. ...

Thank you for relating your personal experience and for the links in your posts.

gnacgnac 24-Aug-2011 1:51 AM

thanks for the answer

FreeTvGuy 28-Feb-2013 12:54 AM

My Lava HD2605 Personal Experience
I drive an RV and am always on the move and I have gone through some good and bad experiences with various different types and brands of antennas. I've purchased high end expensive UHF/VHF Clear Cast and Channel Master antennas which are great for durability but my biggest concern was the lack of reception and channels which could be picked up depending on where I was at the time.

After some struggles and dissappoinment I decided to do some research online and decided to purchase a Lava HD2605 from Not only was the item shipped to me within 2 days I also paid about half the price compared to my previous high end antenna purchases and to my surprise this antenna has completely exceeded all my expectations!!! I can now confidently be on the road and can pick up 25-30+ of my favorite HD channels for FREE!!

Due to my great experience with the Lava HD2605 I also purchased a secondary antenna for home from which is a Lava HD2805 and both of these products I would whole heartily recommend to any of my friends or family members.

teleview 28-Feb-2013 7:48 AM

Yes I know about the Lava and other China antennas of the type and kind.

I bought 3 different models and manufactures of them as a ongoing Test project.

Low grade soft aluminum.

Low grade screws and rivets.

Low grade plastic that quickly becomes brittle and break.

--> Tiny Little <-- toy electric motors that rotate the antenna are left over from the 1950's and have a short life.

The antenna will stop rotating and requires a push to get it to rotate some more.

The antenna wobbles and jerks as it rotates around.

And , how long will that amplifier last??


You get what you pay for

Stick with reputable companies like Winegard if you want REAL performance and something that will stay in one piece after a storm

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