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pallares 10-Mar-2015 10:35 PM

best outdoor antenna for coronado ca
appreciate advice on best roof antenna for area code 92118 (coronado cays)

timgr 11-Mar-2015 12:09 AM

Read the header above -

"In order to get good responses to your question(s), please include a link to a tvfool report (looks like "") for your exact address."

Look here -

pallares 11-Mar-2015 12:28 AM


would appreciate any hel in choosing an outdoor antenna for watching HD tv


Tower Guy 11-Mar-2015 2:03 PM

You need a two antenna solution. Aim a Y5-7-13 at channels 8 & 10. A 2 or 4 bay UHF at the other US stations. Couple them with a UVSJ. If you want Mexican stations, replace the UHF antenna with a DB-8e and aim the two panels at 67 and 148 degrees.

pallares 11-Mar-2015 2:22 PM

Live in an area where nobody has antennas and i need to keep a low profile...could you recommend a uhf,vhf small rotating antenna

rabbit73 11-Mar-2015 3:19 PM

Tower Guy gave you the best advice. He is a TV station engineer. You did ask for the best antenna, didn't you?

The problem with a rotating antenna is that you would need to rescan for channels each time you changed direction (like between 56 and 324 degrees magnetic for the main networks) unless your TV has an add-a-channel after scan option. Most TVs, don't, but Sony TVs do.

The problem becomes worse if you have more than one TV.

If you want small, you could use two similar small UHF/VHF-hi antennas, one above the other, combined with a UVSJ. One would be aimed at 56 and the other at 324 degrees. This should at least get you NBC, FOX, PBS, CBS, and ABC. The antenna for the first 3 channels would be connected to the UHF port of the UVSJ and the other antenna would be connected to the VHF port.

The 2 antennas would be RCA ANT751, and you wouldn't need to buy or mess with a rotor.

Or 2 HBU11.

ADTech 11-Mar-2015 3:19 PM

You shouldn't need a rotating antenna.

I wouldn't hesitate to put up one of our C1C antennas on a 20" CJ mount aimed ESE with a supplemental VHF-1 kit, if needed, aimed towards La Jolla. Your signals will be very strong and multipath will be your biggest concern, if anything.

Heck, just about anything would likely work, just do NOT get anything with an amp.

rabbit73 11-Mar-2015 5:17 PM

Good idea; I missed the boat on that one.

pallares 11-Mar-2015 7:17 PM

thanx for all your help...there are so many antennas it can be confusing...i have decided to get professional least i'll be a little more knowledgeable and i will let him see these posts
thanx again

pallares 11-Mar-2015 7:47 PM

do you guys know a reputable installer in san diego?

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