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ma153756 8-Apr-2010 10:59 PM

Advice in 27012 (clemmons, NC) area
I am looking to install an outdoor antenna and are looking for advice on exactly what to get. I currently have cable, but rarely watch TV and when I do its mainly locals anyway, so it only makes since for me to go the free route.

Here's my map:

I already have a mast on my roof from a previous satelite dish and it's positioned almost at the highest peak of my roof, with an RG6 cable already that runs directly to my TV. That said, I would like to use this and are not looking to hook up a rotar as I could careless about stations in another city. I know I've got a slew of stations in the Charlotte area, but frankly most would be duplicates anyway (i.e. NBC, etc.) so here's the MAIN stations I'm looking to get.

2-1 (CBS), 8-1 (FOX), 12-1 (NBC), 20-1 (CW), 45-1 (ABC), and maybe PBS. NBC (12-1) is very important though, as this is the main station I watch. Looks like a lot of the stations I need are around 105degrees but NBC is showing 360 so this kind of concerned me.

Far as the land layout, I've already got a compass and measured were 105 degrees is and I will say in the distance I do have a ton of tree's, so hopefully that won't be an issue. For that matter, even in the Charlotte direction has trees.

Thanks for any help, as I'd like to get something installed in the next week. Thanks!

teleview 9-Apr-2010 6:00 AM

Tv Stations
I see on the 'Start MAPS' part of tvfool that WCNC - NBC located at Stanley, NC. will put all of the Tv stations in one direction from your location. Charlotte and Stanley are close and one antenna will receive all the tv stations in that direction. All the channels are in the UHF channels. Will you be connecting more then one tv?

ma153756 9-Apr-2010 2:53 PM

my line now runs through my attic which in the attic I could easily use a splitter and split to 1 more TV. This I was planning to do


teleview 9-Apr-2010 5:12 PM

Tv Stations
I recommend at the UHF HD9095P . direct/point the antenna between Charlotte and Stanley.

Tigerbangs 9-Apr-2010 7:14 PM

the Charlotte market is an all-UHF market, so a UHF fringe-area antenna is an appropriate recommendation. Personally, I prefer tha AntennasDirect XG-91 to the Winegard HD-9095, as it has better real-world gain, is lighter, and has a tilt-boom feature that facilitates reception in hilly areas by allowing the front of the antenna to tilt up to see the refraction effects of signals from hills. If you plan to distribute the signal to multiple TV sets, you would be well advised to consider a distribution amplifier-splitter like the Channel Master CM341x series, where x= the number of outlets.

Aim your antenna at 225 degrees, and you will see all the Charlotte stations without a hitch.

teleview 9-Apr-2010 9:02 PM

Tv antenna
The XG-91 is a mean looking antenna , what about the impaled birds?

Tigerbangs 10-Apr-2010 1:49 AM


Originally Posted by teleview (Post 1171)
The XG-91 is a mean looking antenna , what about the impaled birds?

I can only assume that you are joking...the XG-91 is no more lethal than any other antenna...

ma153756 10-Apr-2010 3:32 PM

ok so the xg91 looks like it has great reviews, and i'm sold on it being so lightweight and durable against strong winds. Here's a couple questions about it. Do I need some type of amplifier for this antenna, and, with this Antenna point it at 225 degrees like you say will I still beable to get my locals in my area (i.e. 12-1, 8-1)?

Thanks for all your help!

Tigerbangs 10-Apr-2010 5:39 PM

I am going to post a thread where I have answered the same questions from a fellow in your area: what I have told him wiill apply to you just as it did to him: Read the thread and get back to me if you have any questions.

The XG-91 is available cheaply from for $53.00 plus $7.95 shipping: the lowest price that I've seen for an XG-91

ma153756 15-Apr-2010 7:11 PM

I received my Xg-91 and amp in the mail yesterday and it took me about 1hr to set everything up. Did my tv scan and results came up 2 Analog, 30 digital. Pointed the antenna like you said at 225 degrees and of course I get all stations in Charlotte no issue, however a couple of my locals like channel 12-1 (WXII) seems to have some issue. Of course there's channel 36-1 which is also NBC but I don't plan on watching their local news like I do on WXII. One of those things where I can deal with it, as I think the only way around this would be a rotor....not something I wanta deal with right now.

Out of the 30 stations, I may really watch maybe 8-10 since most are duplicates coming from Charlotte, however, the ones i am getting are free and the quality of HD is simple amazing. Again I cannot emphasize the word "free" which makes it even better :)

Thanks again for all the help. I saw this article in yahoo yesterday and thought you'd find it interesting!

Thanks again!

Tigerbangs 15-Apr-2010 7:36 PM

Glad to hear that it all worked! yes, eventually, a rotator will help you get the other local stations better, but you can now get all the network stations, and that's the important issue.

ma153756 15-Apr-2010 8:59 PM

i do have a question about the xg-91. I noticed it has a spot where you "tilt" the antenna where its more facing up vs. just straight across. Does pointing it up make any difference?

Tigerbangs 15-Apr-2010 11:37 PM

I usually recommend a slight up-tilt to the front of the antennas where there is not a line-of-sight to the transmitter, as you you would find in a hilly area, but the tilt will also allow you to take a bit of the bow out of the boom.

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