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eggman531916 3-Dec-2016 11:23 PM

oxidation of elements?
I got to thinking the other day about what effect oxidation has on antenna elements (if any?). This was prompted by an installation at my brother-in-laws place where I had put up some Gray Hoverman elements a while back. He is moving to a place that has some Vhf-Hi signals, so I built him a 4-bay bowtie and took back the GH elements. Now, I'm planning to reuse them in another build, but was wondering if the fact that they are not as shiny-clean as before will have any kind of negative effect. I know it probably won't matter, but I'm still curious. Thanks in advance for any indulgence to my curiosities.

GroundUrMast 6-Dec-2016 8:56 PM

Oxides will theoretically add resistance... But in practice, this only has a significant effect if the corrosion/oxidation is at the interface of a connection between two parts. In other words, corroded connections need to be prevented, repaired or replaced... Surface oxidation on an element is for all practical purposes, is only cosmetic issue.

eggman531916 6-Dec-2016 9:25 PM

Thank you for letting me know. I figured that may have been the case, but wanted someone with more experience to confirm it. Already have the elements re-bent, now I'm trying to come up with a simpler, easier frame. I will definitely make it a point to clean the feed points.

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