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devidog 7-Nov-2019 9:51 PM

preamp+ distribution amp
I have a mast mounted preamp and reception is fine in the LR. Bedrooms are a little sketchy at times. Thinking about adding a distribution amp. Any thing I should beware of? Should the amp go after the splitter or amp everything then pull all three off of the splitter. The way it is now, I have the inserter on the lead from the antenna right into the splitter. Thanks in advance.

rabbit73 7-Nov-2019 11:25 PM

Put a Channel Master 3410 before the splitter or replace the splitter with a CM3414, which is a distribution amp and 4-port splitter combined in one housing.

What preamp did you get after your last thread?

devidog 8-Nov-2019 3:37 AM

Rca tvamp. The problem I had was the balun on the db8. Antennas Direct replaced it free of charge. It's been working well since I replaced it. Now that I'm retired I spend more time at the farm and noticed the issue with the bedroom Tv.

devidog 8-Nov-2019 3:41 AM

I'll also be glad to get down there tomorrow and watch some of my channels that have been off for awhile. Channel 17 in Columbia MO. just replaced their tower. It's been off since August.

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