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bobsgarage 13-Jul-2021 7:33 PM

Antenna spotting in Kenosha # 15
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Here's an interesting one. It almost looks like X elements although I believe this is a very old antenna it is actually falling down the Mast on to the rotator. The aim is also off. Westside 22nd Avenue North of 75th Street.

On the other roof tripod are those Antennacraft UHF & VHF SE WI area specials. The UHF always have broken reflectors at the top !!

Anybody want to identify it?

bobsgarage 22-Aug-2021 11:26 PM

Jerrold Pathfinder Articulating UHF Section
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Thanks to Sev who I'D the Jerrold Pathfinder. As it turns out you were able to actually swivel the UHF section to a different market if so desired. Early 1960s from what I can tell.

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