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olnick 27-Jan-2020 1:42 PM

Question? attaching Balun to preamp
Too much time on my hands to think... However would there be a benefit to mounting the Balun to the preamp using a Male/Male connector and eliminating the short length of Coax?



GroundUrMast 27-Jan-2020 4:21 PM

In practice... No. At 600 MHz, the top of the OTA TV band, RG-6U will have about 5 dB of loss for every 100 feet. So 10 feet would have only 0.5 dB of loss. If your signal is already that close to the edge of the 'digital cliff' you should be looking for ways to move your antenna to a location with better quality signals.

olnick 27-Jan-2020 9:15 PM

Thats my issue! I'm at the cliff for ch 34 (25.1) it is hit or miss in reception!! I'm looking to keep as much of the available signal as possible. That is my reason for asking about the direct mount of the Balun to the preamp! Would I gain more by trying to catch the "layer" that provides a better signal with raising and or lowering the antenna? All the other channels come in good enough EXCEPT the one I really want (25.1)

GroundUrMast 28-Jan-2020 2:37 AM

The cost of direct connection is very low, one connector, So trying it is not something I can argue against... I just don't expect a 0.5 dB improvement to produce a noticeable change in reception reliability.

The cost of changing the location or height of the antenna is most likely to cost a bit more in terms of time, effort and money... But I believe that's going to have a much better chance of improving your situation.

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