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be236 14-Feb-2013 6:54 PM

Signal color map and push pin NM values not always in-sync

So, I get a map up and then click on a TV station to see its tower location and the signal colours paint the map.

I then zoom into a neighbourhood area and see the colour for that area... say blue for some signal range.

Yet, as I move the push pin around in the same stable blue color area, the channel signals listed in the table below varies quite a bit... from the NM values what I would expect from blue (eg, LOS), then if I move the push pin just a few meters away on the map and even though it shows the same blue colour as my original location, my channels NM values changes for the worse (from LOS to 1EDGE or 2EDGE and much lower NM values)...

So, that's what I dont understand... seems the colours are not accurate across the area that it is designed to show...

Here's what I'm trying to do... so I look at a property (land lot) and the colours for a particular channel shows as all the same BLUE shade for that whole lot (say 5 acre lot)... as I push pin around the property line (4 corners of that lot), my NM values for that particular channel changes wildly.. from LOS down to 1EDGE or even 2EDGE.. why is that???

I would expect that whole lot to be LOS evenly throughout, since the blue color for that lot is the same!?!


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