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Nascarken 2-May-2018 1:33 AM

New vhf in Southwick mass.
KVIE The Public broadcaster serving band3DTV for Channel 9 doze that
This is low band VHF,12,VH F Power Amplifiers.
Will Provide17.3KWtpo.ok,to Enable a Future Boostin Power out put.
The Tarasmitter is Pre Wired to accept additional.PA S
That can tack TPO To23.1KW.Know I won't too no is will my channel master box -7001 will it recv, this low band VHF,and it not can I make the channel master work can I do a mod on the unit help pleas!Rabbit 73,

ADTech 2-May-2018 7:06 PM

KVIE is in Sacramento, CA.

Nascarken 4-May-2018 2:32 PM

And yes ADTeck they say mass too so maybe I read it wrong. and I just want too thank you
For one of your post I finally got too find out about the antnnacarft cs 110.
And it's low&hi vhf DBG,becuse I could not find it no where.

JoeAZ 22-May-2019 8:04 PM

Happy to get rid of unwanted posts.

bobsgarage 23-May-2019 1:05 PM


Originally Posted by JoeAZ (Post 61619)
Happy to get rid of unwanted posts.

This whole thread should be deleted! What kind of nonsensical crap was that first post?

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