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mjrchode 16-Oct-2011 7:39 AM

Need antenna advice
Hey Forum,

Just like a lot of people on here we are ditching satellite and going back to antenna to reduce expenses and streaming/DVD's for entertainment. Looks like most of my broadcast towers are ~70 miles away across relatively flat terrain. Figure 15-20 ft antenna height. More if needed. Can only afford to do this once so I want to get the best antenna possible which may not necessarily be the cheapest.


John Candle 17-Oct-2011 6:28 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
You Will Receive way to many digital tv stations , I re antenna aimed at about 208 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim antennas , , Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , , , , ,

John Candle 17-Oct-2011 7:08 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Use new RG-6 coax connected the antenna. How many tv's are/will be connected??

John Candle 17-Oct-2011 7:18 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Read and understand about , REAL Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Virtual Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Analog Broadcast Tv Channels , Here are some tv guides , , , , , Please note that most tv guides list the channels as virtual channels.

mjrchode 17-Oct-2011 2:37 PM

Hello John,

Thank you for the info. Up to four TV's will be connected.


John Candle 18-Oct-2011 2:32 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
I recommend a 4 way Channel Master CM3414 distribution amplifier. At or one of the other web sites to buy antennas and etc. , If you need a converter box etc. ,

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