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samve33 29-Apr-2012 4:33 PM

If I'm reading that right, doesn't it mean I shouldn't be having a problem with it. Let me tell you what's happening. Yesterday evening I was getting some great signals off of the HBU55 which is the highest antenna. That kelp up until early this morning. The 98P didn't do too well which I figured because it isn't aimed well. It's at about 325-330. Later this morning the HBU55 has became nearly useless and lower antenna has became hot. It's doing great now. Two examples, WRCB on the 55 last night was almost 90% it's 0% now, 73% on the lower 98P at present. WDEF was 100% last night on the upper antenna last night, about 40% now. 100% on the lower now. These channels did not do well on the lower antenna when I checked them yesterday evening. What do you think if I put the 98P on another lower mast with rotor so hopefully I can keep up with the atmospheric changes?

Electron 29-Apr-2012 5:29 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Is there any thing else but not limited to , that is reducing or blocking reception such as but not limited to a 15 story building across the street to the north or Big Trees that are reducing/blocking or any thing else that can be reducing or blocking reception??

On top of your house , is the HD7698P antenna mounted on a lower roof and aimed in to a higher roof of the house??

Any thing else??

samve33 29-Apr-2012 6:06 PM

I knew the HD7698P was not in the correct positon yesterday. Supper was waiting and I hurried and eyeballed it. It'll be tomorrow before I can aim it better. Suddenly WSB started coming in off the side of it. Of course WRCB dropped out. LOVE these atmospheic changes. At the moment I've got very few that are reliable. 7,9,12,14,18. That's about it. That's from one anteena or the other. WSB and WRCB I've got to have reliable or the womenfolk will kill me. I guess until I get that antenna aimed better I won't be able to give you good info. I'll work with the aiming tomorrow and get you better info. I'm concerned that if I get it aimed right that I won't be able to get WSB reliably off of it, the HBU55 isn't doing it now. This why I sugested mounting it on another mast. I had WSB reliably before I made these changes. Do you think I'll be able to get WSB reliably off the side? Be nice if I could. I had prefer that set-up.

samve33 29-Apr-2012 7:04 PM

I live in a rural area with only single story houses around, BUT, yes trees are a problem. I have them on two sides. Can you guess which two sides? Yep, Chattanooga and the Atlanta direction. I think the trees toward Chattanooga are far enough away that they don't bother me too much. The others are much closer and I did have to clear out some of the smaller leafy trees as I was having big problems with them. I've got my eye on a couple limbs now.

samve33 29-Apr-2012 7:14 PM

I should add that I mostly shooting through some tall pines in the Atlanat direction and their limbs are up high. Any big, leafy trees are a ways off.

samve33 29-Apr-2012 8:01 PM

That isn't entirely accurate either. WSB likes to come in around 120 degrees. I'm skirting the edge of some larger, leafy trees. That's where those couple of limbs are coming from. If I went below 120 degrees I would be pointing at those trees.

Electron 30-Apr-2012 12:56 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Because of the trees to the north , More antenna height with the HD7698P antenna that is pointed to the north will most likley get more Tv stations. Also as I said before , the UHF reflectors that are in this - , > , - position , adjust them so are straight up and down , like this | .

With the starting position of HD7698P aimed to the north , turn the HD7698P antenna to the west and to the east to find a spot that gets the most amount of Tv stations to the north west , north , and north east and other directions such as , south west , south , south east and east .

HOWEVER AT NO TIME will the HD7698P antenna be pointed at the south west , south , or south east.

The HBU55 on the rotor is for reception of any stations/channels that are not received by the HD7698P that are in the directions of , south west , south , south east , east.

Electron 30-Apr-2012 1:02 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
The game here is to get as many Tv stations as possible , even the stations to the , south west , south , south east and east , WITH OUT turning the HD7698P to the , south west , south , south east or east.

samve33 30-Apr-2012 1:48 AM

That sounds like a plan. I hope I am able to get the Atlanta and Chattanooga stations at the same time. The HBU55 is mostly useless during the day. For most of the day I've been getting several Atlanta stations off of it. The last I checked it had switched back to the Chattanooga stations. It's not getting both at the same time. The stations are strong. The HBU55 is trying to get 61 in all directions but it's not really watchable. I'm expecting the HBU55 to come back to life at any moment. I'll check it when I'm through with Netflix.

samve33 30-Apr-2012 1:52 AM

Oh, not likely I'll get over the trees without a 75 foot tower and the airport might not be too happy with that. They would probably want a light on top.

samve33 30-Apr-2012 12:27 PM

Well, the HBU55 never came back. Atlanta is 0%, Chattanooga is weak. Is is atmospheric or an antenna malfunction? I'm wondering about a malfunction. When I rotate the antenna there is little change in the signal. The tv is on 61 now. I picked it up with the antenna pointing to Atlanta at 35% and rotated the antenna to Chattanooga and the signal was 35% all the way around. Could I be picking up on the coax and not the antenna? When I was putting up the HD7698P I had a couple of the coax connectors to just fall off. Did this happen to the HBU55 after I pur it up?

signals unlimited 30-Apr-2012 12:55 PM

If I were you I would call an installer!

signals unlimited 30-Apr-2012 1:04 PM

Be sure that the installer has a field strength meter. All you need is one well tuned good antenna with a good pre-amplifier, on a rotor.

samve33 30-Apr-2012 5:31 PM

Sorry, this is DIY. I believe the HBU55 is DOA. About to try to get the HD7698P tuned in. Have to use it until I can get it back down. Those were new cables with factory ends.

samve33 30-Apr-2012 7:46 PM

Ok. Call me stupid. I deserve it! I thought I had put this nice, new cable with these real nice weatherproof ends on the HD7698P. Oh no! I put it on the HBU55. I was probably thinking those nice weatherproof ends would give less trouble so I stuck it on the one I couldn't reach. The HBU55 is fine. No wonder I couldn't get the other one tuned either. That was DUMB!

samve33 30-Apr-2012 10:48 PM

Now that I'm actually watching the antenna that I'm moving all is working well. No wonder when I turned the rotor it made no difference. I was hooked up to the one that wasn't moving. Let me check it out over the next day or two and see what I've got.

Dave Loudin 1-May-2012 2:33 AM

Hey, it's OK. At least you found out what was going on before taking anything apart. Having a chance to talk through the problem is always worth it.

samve33 1-May-2012 11:20 AM

It had more than once crossed my mind that I had the wrong cable and I had check, but I had thought I had put the HD7698P on that new one. I should had realized it when I mentioned about that connector falling off. The connector on that new cable isn't likely to fall off. I was switching the cables at the grounding block because I hadn't ran the second cable at the time. That's when I got crossed up. I think I'll need to aim the HD7698P just a little more. I've got a few jobs I need to get to first, so it might be a few days before I can get to it. Think I'll add a second set of guy lines too, don't really like the way the mast feels in the middle.

samve33 6-May-2012 12:34 AM

Things aren't too shabby. I can get 24 transmitters which gives me 69 channels. 47 channels are reliable or 18 transmitters. With the height difference between the 2 antennas each is able to get channels the other can't. Some of the channels that aren't reliable now used to be with the antenna mounted lower. My guess is this is mostly because of the trees. Call me crazy if you like but I'm considering a third antenna to get those other channels back. Someone offered me a free one today. I'll take a gander at it and think it over. The mast is supported very well now and could hold a third one. First I'm going to look at the tree situation some more and see if I can poke some more holes through them. Can't do much with the pines but I might be able to do something with the leafy trees to the north of me. Maybe enough to eliminate the need for a third antenna. The signals are there, just got to get them.

Electron 6-May-2012 12:54 AM

Tv Antennas and Tv Reception
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Here are Light Weight Aluminum Towers the Lay Over , Do antenna installation and adjustments standing on the ground.

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