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teleview 23-Mar-2010 8:08 PM

F.T.A. Free To Air , Satellite Tv
KU Band Small Dish , F.T.A.-ST = Free To Air Satellite Tv has been available since 1997 in the , USA , Canada and Mexico.

FTA-ST is very common and well known around the rest of the world but is not well known here among Generational Americans and Generational Canadians.

There are people watching FTA Tv here and you can find them on the internet , type in FTA Satellite Tv or FTA Tv or FTA forums or this web site is a good place to start .

FTA-ST Free To Air-Satellite Tv is received with a Small KU Band small dish , 36inch (90cm) to 48inch (120cm) dish size and the dish is motorized or can be mounted stationary. The dish and motor units are very compact and the receiver and dish are not much money. As example and not the only example ,

And in Canada , , have small dish bundles that have the motorized dish the FTA receiver the cables and everthing all as a package deal and you will be suprized at how low the price is.
As a matter of fact you will be shocked at how low the price is.

Yes FTA-ST is Free to receive and watch , no descrambler is needed. Yes FTA-ST is 100% legal.
[FTA IS NOT , dish network , direct tv , star choice , bell express view or shaw direct.]

FTA-ST is in fact FTA-ST = Free To Air - Satellite Tv.

At are listed some English language channels to watch , CCTV 9 , 'Create' Tv of PBS , COZI Tv , Melli Tv , MHZ Worldview , Montana PBS , Patient Channel , All of the PBS Feeds - PBS - PBS HD 1 - PBS HD 2 , PBS HD 3 , PBS World. The Pentagon Channel , Press TV , Research Channel , RTV- RetroTv , Russia Today-RT , Smart Lifestyle Tv , Sports Stations , Tuff Tv , University Network , Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network. Radio Stations and Music Stations and a Lot More.

FTA Programing is also available with Many other languages

Join in with the FTA people , find em on FTA forums.

pdsebring 21-Sep-2010 10:08 PM

FTA satellite
Don't forget to mention DVB-S2 HDTV on FTA. I watch PBS HD on satellite AMC 21 at 125W. PBS on satellite is frequently different than my local terrestrial broadcast IPTV (Iowa Public Television).

I recently purchased Ku band FTA equipment from Sadoun. Its great fun.

I love is interesting and more complete but harder to navigate. includes C band FTA.

You can get dish pointing information from

pdsebring 21-Sep-2010 10:25 PM

C band FTA
Don't forget the OTARD (Over-the-Air Reception Device) rule of 1996. Governments, home owners associations, and landlords can prevent you from erecting a C band dish which would probably be 6 feet or larger, but they can't prevent or even delay you from erecting a Ku band dish as large as 1 meter.

Most C band equipment is in rural areas where the neighbors won't care if you put up BUD (Big Ugly Dish).

rickcain 16-Jan-2011 4:25 AM

And to think I had my C-band satellite system disassembled hauled off when I moved 15 years ago. I could have taken it with me and reused it. For awhile there in the 1990s it seemed like there was nothing viewable on C-band because it all went to scrambled, other than the various newsfeeds which randomly popped up.

The C-band did come in handy during the 1991 gulf war. Raw newsfeeds were watchable on multiple channels.

I am interested in a 3 foot dish FTA system. They're pretty cheap and apparently only Galaxy 19 has a lot of things to watch, so a rotator doesn't seem to be worth the extra cost.

chumster 24-Jan-2011 11:41 PM

I received as a gift the sadoun motorized dish and cant wait till the weather warms to use it. I had an old primestar mast and erected a smaller pipe into it which is plumb and very sturdy. I read that ION and NASA are FTA on the 119. Are they still there?

I also have an old C-band dish I havent used since the late 1990's. The installer had such a hard time setting it up I am afraid to mess with it!

GroundUrMast 24-Oct-2011 10:24 PM

be236 24-Oct-2011 11:54 PM

Too bad there's no (or very few/rare) traditional local TV stations on FTA. Probably because most viewers would *not* be in the local market to buy products from local commercials... alas...

ghz24 22-Nov-2011 12:34 AM

new to fta
if your wondering what's fta I think these were deleted

BryGuy460 22-Dec-2011 6:04 PM

FTA I have had no luck with the past few years, always going down or dropping. New box every year. I think I may be done with it. Has anyone seen this new IPTV Pod? looks like it may do the trick, I would like more info from someone who has used it.

ghz24 24-Dec-2011 5:07 AM

not encouraging
I've considered adding an fta system.
So I'm curious

always going down or dropping. New box every year.
BryGuy460 could you explain going down or dropping? And why would you buy a new box every year?
And to get more responses to the IPTV device question you could start a new thread somewhere maybe here
(I guess it's a reception device sort of)

be236: I guess they aren't traditional but aren't the sub feeds like metv, ion, rtv, tuff, bounce... and PBS feeds available?

be236 24-Dec-2011 4:02 PM


Nope... no "subs" with those traditional channels you'd get with cable or regular satellite.

It's a bunch of non-traditional stuff... lots of religious programming, and ethnic (aka foreign feeds, mainly from the Arabic world and some SE asian channels).

There used to be "local" US station feeds, but they have become scarce if not non-existent. Guess it's because it's the "free" in FTA that the dont make any money to broadcast on FTA.

BryGuy460 24-Dec-2011 5:38 PM


Originally Posted by ghz24 (Post 14832)
I've considered adding an fta system.
So I'm curious

BryGuy460 could you explain going down or dropping? And why would you buy a new box every year?
And to get more responses to the IPTV device question you could start a new thread somewhere maybe here
(I guess it's a reception device sort of)

be236: I guess they aren't traditional but aren't the sub feeds like metv, ion, rtv, tuff, bounce... and PBS feeds available?

Going down as in no longer able to bring in the contnet you want though FTA. The channels change, DN works one day and the next it does not. I have 4 FTA boxes because to get the stuff you want you have to have the box that is working.
Anyway, FTA is dead to me. I pulled the trigger on the IPTV Pod and it has fixed the problem. I already get all the news and regular US programming that I wanted plus I am adding apps everyday for movies and well anything you can think of. I love this box, and would highly recomend it over investing in a dish/ FTA system. I even added the NFL Sports pakage, this thing is awesome and it is cheaper than an FTA reciever.

ghz24 31-Dec-2011 6:01 AM


Nope... no "subs" with those traditional channels you'd get with cable or regular satellite.
Now I'm confused. So the listings here for "THIS" "METV" "CWTV detroit" are not there, not receivable, not what I think?

Ya I see they are C band.
BryGuy is your system Ku or C band?

be236 31-Dec-2011 4:59 PM

Ah... good listing find... yeah, most of those are C-band and you might need a MPEG4 FTA receiver... lot of RTV channels and MeTV.... if you like that kind of stuff, then go for it.. but keep in mind those channels could get scrambled at any time in the future, etc...

ghz24 16-Jan-2012 1:17 AM

New tuner boxes
I've asked around on forums devoted to FTA and there are 10+ year old tuners still in use,

Don't be confused that it's satellite FTA is not for getting free subscription TV services ( HBO cable ect..)

rickcain 18-Mar-2012 8:27 AM

I have a Ku FTA system with a 1 metre dish, and I'm somewhat disappointed that many broadcasts have gone back to C-band.
While I do get 290 channels on Galaxy-19, 99% of it is foreign language, dominated by arabic and farsi language channels. Other than Russia Today, Al Jazeera and Telesur there's not much to look at.

I do enjoy having a bunch of PBS channels though. The C-band on a small dish project was fun but it simply can't collect enough signal to get much.

If only OTARD could be updated to allow 1.8 metre dishes I'd be a happy camper.

Electron 19-Mar-2012 5:34 PM

Dancing around the issue. In reference to the FTA box going down all the time. More then likley a illegal modified receiver. Those that buy the illegal modified receivers are filled with lies and talk like there mouth is full of marbles.

Electron 19-Mar-2012 5:43 PM

Here is a place to start with Legal FTA reception. There was a time (when my avatars were Teleview and John Candle) I had A Lot of practical and useful FTA information here at tvfool. I removed it because of constant and never ending harassment during that time.

Electron 19-Mar-2012 6:13 PM

The Free channels on FTA are , get this-> FREE!! . It does require some actual thinking to receive FTA. If thinking is not where you are at in life then pay for pay cable or pay satellite. The type and kind of talk that I am reading here with the other posters is what I call , negative - positive. To talk about a issue in a negative way that turns out to be positive.

Electron 19-Mar-2012 6:19 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
There are more satellites up there then Galaxy 19.

Electron 19-Mar-2012 6:34 PM

Put a 6 foot satellite dish in something like but not limited to this , If the tent is installed so that the dish is aimed through the , back , sides and roof of the tent , then the door of the tent will be on the north side , and can also use as a storage shed.

analogqueen 19-Mar-2014 6:09 AM

just noticed this thread
coincidentally just posted a comment in another FTA thread...

but for listings the best place to check would be Lyngsat.

thats for G19, it has the most/varied free channels. For a very robust and complete data on satellites, is the de facto leader for information online.

FTA Ku is somewhat limited in that there are a plethura of foreign programming to view, but to me, it is way worth it. There are quite a few English language programs on, and even if you don't speak the language some of the non-English broadcasts are a hoot to watch. Media content research is a casual hobby of mine, and the FTA is a "must have". There have been many times I have watched a US broadcast news show and found total and complete contradictions when referring to another non-US program (not being political here, just making an observation!) which made my TV viewing, from that point when I first discovered this, um "factual errata", completely and utterly changed my outlook on television- forever.

FTA is fun. The commercials from Arab countries are a discovery: you will learn what their ad base is made up of: mothers, and mothers (the ads are mostly baby products and things to make housekeeping easier) as opposed to the multitude of varied products that are advertised in USA.

I am moving soon, and I am going to make my choice of location based on whether I can easily install the FTA dish, as I will be in another condo.

teleview 23-Mar-2014 6:23 AM

Many people make the FTA , seem big and scary with all manner big and scary comments.

Here is the -->Easy Way<-- to begin to understand and for most english language people to Know what English Language Networks are currently on , KU Band Small Dish FTA.

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