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Ralze 17-Apr-2015 1:03 PM

HELP: Antenna suggestions for our new house
Hey guys,
First off, here is my report:

So we recently moved. One of the conditions on selling our old house was the buyers wanted us to leave our antenna (I had a Mohu Sky). Which I was fine with as I honestly never really cared for the reception the antenna gave us. With our new house I was thinking of one of these antennas:These honestly appear to be about the same so I wasn't sure which would be a better option. OR if neither of these are the way I should go and there is a much better alternative out there. I appreciate any guidance in this.

EDIT: Thought I would add some more details. We live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA and the area is fairly hilly. So even though I am most likely going to mount on top of my house (25+ feet), not sure just how clear the surrounding area really will be. I'll also be installing it all by myself, which is one reason I ended up with the Sky previously as it was so easy to mount. Of course I want as many channels as possible, but as long as we get all the networks (NBC, ABC, etc...) and WPCH-TV (local broadcast of what was TBS before it became a super network) we'll be happy.

signals unlimited 17-Apr-2015 1:35 PM

PA. DTV reception
The HD7694P is a good choice and an easy install. Mount it clear of any obstructions, with no pre-amplifier. Head it to 180 degrees and your reception will be very good! If you are hooking up more than four set, you may want to use a distribution amplifier.

Tim 17-Apr-2015 2:39 PM

I recommend the Winegard antenna also as there is some question as to whether or not Antennacraft will remain in business (because of their ties with Radio Shack).

I am also in the Atlanta area (Acworth) and you have a much better TV Fool report than I do. Besides the hills we have in this area, the other big signal killer is trees. Do you have a clear line of sight to the south?

How many TVs will you be feeding?

Ralze 17-Apr-2015 3:13 PM

I didn't even think about the Radio Shack stuff. Now I feel the AC should be cheaper than it is being shown. Anyway, I live in Roswell, GA. There are lots of trees in the area, but I "believe" it is fairly clear to the south (we are about 15 minutes away from GA-400 which gives a pretty clear lane).

My old setup had me taking the Sky directly into an older HDHomeRun to get the channels over our network (our old house was built in 1942 and wasn't really "cable jack friendly"). From what I can tell with my new house I could hook the antenna directly into a wall box that feeds all the coax outlets throughout the house (not sure if that is the way I should go or not). We currently own 3 TV's, and I was thinking of still hooking up my HDHomeRun and feeding at least one of the tv's with it (based on the outlet location in room and where my wife wants the furniture). So I think MAX there will be 3 feeds.

I also own a Mohu Leaf and like 4 older model Jolt Amplifiers. The Leaf was the first antenna I bought at my old house but I NEVER got any good reception. I have the 4 different amps as Mohu customer service kept sending them to me when I was trying to get the antenna to work (and I ended up with the Sky as they gave me a 50% discount on it after I couldn't get the leaf to work and time had "conveniently" passed for me to return it). So I also thought of using it for the one tv that will not be near a coax outlet, but am skeptical based on how bad it was at my old house (if you guys are curious, here is the report for my old house).

Ralze 19-Apr-2015 4:32 PM

So I noticed the HBU33 is cheaper than both right now on Amazon. You guys think I should just go with it?

Tim 19-Apr-2015 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by Ralze (Post 50655)
So I noticed the HBU33 is cheaper than both right now on Amazon. You guys think I should just go with it?

The HBU33 should work just fine. Since it is from Amazon you can always return it if there is a problem.

Ralze 24-Apr-2015 1:03 PM

So I got the HBU33. My wife has now told me she doesn't want me roof mounting the antenna and instead she wants me to put it in the attic. I wish she would have told me that before I bought the antenna (I would have gone for a larger one)!

Anyway, right now I have it sitting on the floor in one of the upstairs rooms where the attic access is. With it just sitting on the floor I get WATC, WPCH, WUPA, WUVG, WPXA, WATL, WSB, and WXIA all clear. I mean 100% clear too (signal strength wasn't 100% on all, but the picture never pixelated ever). That was a pleasant surprise. What puzzled me a bit though was that I got no signal at all from stations like WGCL or WAGA which based on the report are all right around the rest of these channels I am getting clearly.

I'm hoping when I get into the attic these channels will show up. However, am I wrong in thinking they should already be coming in since the ones I listed above are? They are all within 18-21 miles and 174 degrees.

rickbb 24-Apr-2015 1:16 PM

Those channels could be too strong, they are both transmitting at 1,000kw and less than 20 miles away.

ADTech 24-Apr-2015 1:28 PM

It impossible for the TV signals to be "too strong".

Most likely it's either an interference or multi-path issue resulting in the antenna currently sitting in a "dead" spot for those particular frequencies. Moving the antenna by as little as a foot or a yard may change the mix of received stations when indoors.

Get the antenna up in the attic and be prepared to move it until you find a spot where everything "plays nice"

You do NOT need 100% readings (and you can waste incredible amounts of time and effort trying), all you need to do is keep all of them above the edge of the digital cliff, whether that be a reading of 5 or 10 or 30 or 50 or whatever it happens to be for your particular tuner. As long as you stay above the edge of the "cliff", reception will be perfect.

rickbb 24-Apr-2015 3:24 PM

Guess I was thinking of amp overload. :o

ADTech 24-Apr-2015 3:38 PM

Yeah, indiscriminate use of amps can do that, but he didn't mention any were installed and I took his description as I read it.

Ralze 27-Apr-2015 2:27 PM

Yeah, no amps installed at this point.

So I got the antenna in the attic. Here is the list of channels that show up on my scanner now:
  • CH8-1 8.1 WGTV-HD
  • CH8-2 8.2 Create
  • CH8-3 8.3 Knowled
  • CH10-3 11.1 WXIA-TV
  • CH10-4 11.2 WXIA-WX
  • CH10-5 11.3 WXIA-JN
  • CH14-1 50.1 WAGC-TV
  • CH15-1 23.1 WGGD-LD
  • CH16-3 16.1 ONTV4U
  • CH16-5 16.3 THTV
  • CH16-7 16.5 PeaceTV
  • CH16-8 16.6 MCBN
  • CH16-9 16.7 REVN
  • CH19-3 46.1 WGCL-TV
  • CH19-4 46.2 WGCLSD1
  • CH19-5 46.3 WGCLSD2
  • CH20-3 17.1 WPCH-DT
  • CH21-3 30.1 WPBA-HD
  • CH25-3 36.1 WATL-DT
  • CH25-4 36.2 Bounce
  • CH25-5 36.3 Antenna
  • CH27-3 5.1 WAGA-HD
  • CH27-4 5.2 WAGA-SD
  • CH29-1 32.1 APG
  • CH29-2 32.2 THIS TV
  • CH29-3 32.3 CORNER
  • CH29-4 32.4 MOXIE
  • CH29-5 32.5 OLDIE
  • CH29-6 32.6 FAM TV
  • CH29-7 32.7 RETRO
  • CH29-8 32.8 LATV
  • CH29-9 32.9 CSBN TV
  • CH29-10 32.1 ESTRLLA
  • CH29-11 32.11 WGST FM
  • CH29-12 32.12 949BULL
  • CH29-13 32.13 105.7FM
  • CH29-14 32.14 PWR 961
  • CH29-15 32.15 96.1-2
  • CH29-16 32.16 PATRON
  • CH29-17 32.17 LMM
  • CH29-18 32.18 1310 AM
  • CH29-19 32.19 TBD1
  • CH29-20 32.2 TBD 2
  • CH30-17 26.1 MFOX
  • CH30-19 26.3 JTV
  • CH30-20 26.4 F24
  • CH30-21 26.5 TUFF TV
  • CH30-22 26.6 LA MEGA
  • CH35-3 53.1 WDTA-LD
  • CH39-1 2.1 WSB-HD
  • CH39-2 2.2 Me TV
  • CH39-3 2.3 LAFF
  • CH40-1 40.1 WIRE D1
  • CH40-2 40.2 WIRE D2
  • CH40-3 40.3 WIRE D3
  • CH40-4 40.4 WIRE D4
  • CH41-3 57.1 WATC DT
  • CH41-4 57.2 WATCTOO
  • CH42-1 42.1 WTHC
  • CH43-1 69.1 WUPA-DT
  • CH44-3 63.1 TBN
  • CH44-4 63.2 TCC
  • CH44-5 63.3 JUCE
  • CH44-6 63.4 Enlace
  • CH44-7 63.5 SOAC
  • CH48-1 34.1 WUVG-DT
  • CH51-3 14.1 ION
  • CH51-4 14.2 qubo
  • CH51-5 14.3 IONLife
  • CH51-6 14.4 Shop
  • CH51-7 14.5 QVC
  • CH51-9 47.1 TLMD
I haven't had the ability to go through all of them yet. However, the main networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) all appear to come in great (some of their sub-channels are pretty bad though). WPCH appears great 90% of the time. Just quick flipping there are other channels that aren't coming in as well. So I know I got some more to play with. Happy I got the networks at least though.

Tim 27-Apr-2015 4:17 PM

You are getting all the majors in Atlanta plus many of the low power stations that are often difficult to receive in the suburbs OTP (that's Outside The Perimeter highway for all you non-Atlantans). You will find that the sub-channels will have a lesser quality picture than the main channel because they are broadcast at the lower resolution of 480i and a lower data bit rate. This is really apparent on channel 32 WANN which packs 10 video streams and 10 audio streams onto their one 6 MHz channel width. WPCH is on the same tower as WGCL and at the same power, but their antenna is about 60 ft lower. Some slight tweaking of your antenna location should be all that's needed. Enjoy!

StephanieS 27-Apr-2015 10:07 PM


I thought ION was bad with their six streams. I can just imagine how bad WANN looks. 240i anyone?

In this case HD means horrible decision(s). Must be unwatchable.


Originally Posted by Tim (Post 50831)
This is really apparent on channel 32 WANN which packs 10 video streams and 10 audio streams onto their one 6 MHz channel width.

Tim 29-Apr-2015 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by StephanieS (Post 50836)

I thought ION was bad with their six streams. I can just imagine how bad WANN looks. 240i anyone?

In this case HD means horrible decision(s). Must be unwatchable.

It is quite like watching a really bad YouTube video

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