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Jason l 22-Jan-2015 10:42 PM

I use a diy db8 verticals stack with 10" whiskers 91/2" bay spacing and a large curved reflector and recieve real channel vhf 7-8-9-11-13 with Chanel 8 being the furthest away at 64 miles. I've made several different size whiskers this one is the best for the VHF channels. Also works great for the UHF I actually picked up two new UHF channels 44 and 45. With channel 44 being 74 miles away has a lower signal but still get the channel most of the days.and I did not lose any of the UHF channels with the bigger whiskers. Just awesome free TV I love it new channels are nice I lost cool TV which I enjoyed it was music videos. But since I've been using antenna I gained /bounce /me tv /retro TV/justice network, being the newest. Long story short this antenna works great for CBS CW NBC ABC which are all VHF. And I works really well on all my UHF channels. I am a very big fan of the db8. I also use a top-of-the-line preamp to get the Far away channels.

GroundUrMast 23-Jan-2015 1:26 AM

Did you develop your own design or did you use an online resource?

Jason l 23-Jan-2015 2:16 AM

East weatherman design I would post it if I new how. he sells kits. But also has specs to make your own custom to the channels yo want. I started with a smaller whisker and bay spacing.from other diy sites I have tried 8"9"9.5" 10" whiskers. With 1/2" less bay spacing than whisker length.the 10" Works for vhf real channel 7/8/9/11/13. Smaller ones had no channel 8 intermittent 7

GroundUrMast 23-Jan-2015 6:45 AM

Ah... is this the site?

Jason l 23-Jan-2015 9:40 AM

Diy db8
Yes that's it thanks.

GroundUrMast 23-Jan-2015 4:42 PM

Your experience with the 'MCLAP' design sounds like it's consistent with the majority of the others I've read... Relatively high performance in the UHF band and mid range H-VHF performance. All in all, a solid design that is relatively simple for a DIY fabricator to succeed with.

Jason l 23-Jan-2015 10:03 PM

Mc clap Db8
yes great antennas. Easy to make just takes some time. But I get better reception than any one else in the general area. Cbs real channel 8 =3.1/3.2 alluds most ota viewers I talk to.and for some reason the larger db8 does better on 44 and 45. Just want people to know. This one antenna is all I need. And most likely would work for you! If I turn my other one on that I don't use and face north between the two antennas I get VHF 7/8/9/10/11/13. I don't need to though because nine and 10 are just duplicates of CBS and NBC

Jason l 28-Jan-2015 10:12 PM

Custom DYI 8 bay

Jason l 29-Jan-2015 10:04 AM

my map

Here is my map to show my stations signal. With the ugly antenna pic previous post. I get every channel in green red except real channel 5 down to channel 44 in the grey being my weakest.

rickbb 29-Jan-2015 7:31 PM

I'm also very pleased with my McLapp, I used the 10 x 9 1/2 design and built a 4 bay, no reflector.

Jason l 29-Jan-2015 9:07 PM

yup I need the reflector for the vhf. It added uhf channels as well

kojo 30-Jan-2015 4:49 PM

What preamp are you using with your setup?

kojo 30-Jan-2015 4:54 PM

Hesperia, MI
I m in Hesperia. I m trying to increase my range a bit so that I can get WOOD and WWMT. right not I dont have NBC and I would like to add CW to my list. I m impressed with the channels you are getting. I m only about 5 miles north of you. I wonder if I could get the same list you are getting. has the 40' really helped? right now I m only 15-20' in the air. maybe I need to increase that too.

Jason l 30-Jan-2015 5:33 PM

Wine guard not sure model was 29db gain. I had same amp on a smaller 8 bay that would not get real channel 8 but would get real channel 7. So the 10" Wisker and reflector is a must for me. 40 feet not I can get same channels at 25' just a little less but still very good on channel 7 & 8

Jason l 30-Jan-2015 5:40 PM

Less strength
less strength on lower elevation but all the same channels.i've use the antenna in other areas down the road and works fine as long as there's a halfway clear shot of the sky towards the towers

kojo 30-Jan-2015 6:02 PM

Whats the tower you are using? it sounds like it is moveable?

Jason l 30-Jan-2015 6:24 PM

I have a large 50' free standing anchored. I physically climb and carry the antenna up with me to the 40'. This tower was hear before I moved in and has some junk antennas on top (another subject). So my other is =to 1.5" rigid conduit to 10' sections setting off the ground on my deck facing south. This set up is mobile hence I've used down the road. Downtown Holton. And actually picked up more channels to the west because of the clear shot west at that location.on just 25'ish (2-10'pipe+tall 8bay=25'ish)

kojo 30-Jan-2015 6:29 PM

How is the 8 bay in the wind? do you need guy wires for your pole with the 8 bay?

Jason l 30-Jan-2015 6:49 PM

No guy wires. I mounted the pole to my facia with some bent sheet metal and u clamps.ive had all of a 10' pipe plus antenna above facia. Wind not a problem. ice slide from metal roof ripped of my bracket from facia and the hole thing fell into a snowbank once last winter. I should add my diy 8 bays I've used are all aluminum wire and 1/2"pvc. So are very light considering there size. What are you using now?

kojo 30-Jan-2015 8:22 PM

right now I have a piece of cross bar pipe from chain link fence, I think they are 6'-10' long, stick into the old mounting bracket that was left behind from a dish. it is about half way up the roof line and I have a tall roof. I think its about 15' in the air. I have a Clearstream 2 attached to it. it was mostly just temporary, to see what if anything I would get out there, before sign back up with dish. but I was pretty happy with the channels we received and didnt get dish and left it. Now I want to try to get NBC and CW added to my list. So I m working on upgrading my system a bit.

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