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rickbb 29-Aug-2017 5:56 PM

New method to make antennas?
Ran across this and found it interesting. Wonder if this could be adapted to receive OTA TV signals. Article makes it sound possible even though it was written about cell phone antennas.

"Instead of designing antennas at the electromagnetic wave resonance--so they receive and transmit electromagnetic waves--researchers tailored the antennas to acoustic resonance. Acoustic resonance waves are roughly 10 thousand times--smaller than electromagnetic waves. This translates to an antenna that's one or two orders of magnitude smaller than even the most compact antennas available today.

Since acoustic resonance and electromagnetic waves have the same frequency, the new antennas would still work for cell phones and other wireless communication devices. And they would provide the same instantaneous delivery of information. In fact, researchers found their antennas performed better than traditional kinds."

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