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Windmaker 5-May-2015 12:17 AM

WRDE-LD Rehoboth Beach. DE.....NBC?
I there a reason TV Fool does not list station WRDE-LD as an NBC station? It certainly promotes itself as such.

ADTech 5-May-2015 3:38 AM

Probably because it's an LD stations (low-power digital). Most LD stations aren't network-affiliated so they don't get filled in into the database unless someone reports it.

Windmaker 5-May-2015 4:03 AM

Thanks for the reply AdTech
I was of the impression that it was whether or not there was an affiliation, not the power/range of the station.

ADTech 5-May-2015 4:40 AM

LD stations simply haven't been a priority. There are still numerous full-power stations whose affiliation is still blank in the database. Trying to keep up with 2000 full power stations manually is one thing, adding another 5000 low power and translator stations to keep track of (manually, again) is another.

Report it and move on. The admin usually incorporates database updates several times a year.

Windmaker 5-May-2015 5:07 AM

I had no idea there were so many stations. This is my first week of OTA TV in decades so I'm a babe in the woods at 71 years old. Thanks for your replies and edification on this issue ADTech.

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