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David831 11-Mar-2014 2:32 AM

San Francisco Channels in Salinas,CA
I want to know if anyone lives in Salinas, CA and has received san Francisco channels like ktvu kpix kron any other channels from the bay area in the Salinas Area, which antenna is good from my area to pick up those channels that are like 55-100 miles away from Salinas?

txakura 9-Jun-2014 9:04 AM

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Obviously, you're not old enough to remember the 40s, 50s and 60s. Back then everyone who wanted to watch television in Salinas had a 50' mast on their roof and a double-stacked antenna. And then the picture was far from the best. Snow was the norm. Admittedly, in the forty-plus years since, technology has improved, and we're now watching a digital signal. However, the mountains between here (I live by the golf course, north of town) and San Francisco will still make for a tough environment. I've included a copy of my radar image. Note most of the SF stations require a lot of help.

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