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corson6 7-Aug-2021 7:30 PM

help with antenna selection
I'm trying to get a few more local channels at this location:

My cabin is actually West and slightly South of this address. Kinda down in a hole. Google map shows my cabin at 40.06'25.N 87.43'04.W not sure if this link works:

I am currently getting WICD 41 and WCCU 26 with an indoor antenna. Would really like to get WCIA 48 for local news (if possible) Only option I have is mounting an antenna on the facia of my roof, about 12' above ground. Any help you can give me for what kind of antenna I should buy and what direction to point to for WCIA 48 would be greatly appreciated! You guys helped me with my home a few years ago, it worked out great! Thanks much in advance!!

rabbit73 7-Aug-2021 11:43 PM

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Originally Posted by corson6 (Post 63681)
I am currently getting WICD 41 and WCCU 26 with an indoor antenna. Would really like to get WCIA 48 for local news (if possible)

Hello, corson6.

The link to your report doesn't work; looks like that part of TVFool is down now.

I did a report from for your coordinates.

The antenna for WCIA I suggest is the Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB91X.

Reception of WCIA will be difficult because it is much weaker than WICD and WCCU. If you add a preamp to make WCIA stronger, it will probably be overloaded by WICD and WCCU.

You can try the antenna without a preamp, but there might still be too much of a difference in signal strengths.

The optimum solution would be a custom single channel bandpass filter from Tin Lee Electronics for channel 34 WCIA, but it would be expensive.

You might have to settle for your news from WICD.

You are in the WCIA area of coverage, but your location is in a dead zone (no color):

and the WCIA signal is blocked by the curvature of the earth and a hill:

Here is another terrain profile using different software:

corson6 8-Aug-2021 2:02 AM

Thanks Rabbit73! Yes the issue with WICD news is it's based out of Springfield, IL a long way from Champaign-Urbana. I will give this antenna a try and let you know the results! Really appreciate your help!

JoeAZ 8-Aug-2021 7:10 PM

If you can live with WAND NBC, rather than WCIA, RF 23 carries
WAND translator W23EQ-D. The translator is almost due north
and would require either rotating an antenna toward the translator
or a separate antenna. No easy alternatives or solutions.....
That translator is only 3 miles away and likely to be easier to
receive than WCIA. Either way, Rabbit's antenna suggestion
is a good choice.

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