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mgold 29-Jan-2012 3:51 PM

Improving Reception & Signal - Baltimore
I have 2 old CRT TV's that receive OTA reception with converter boxes. The 1st floor TV has a DTVPal and the basement TV has a RCA STB7766C box. I used a splitter on the 1st floor and utilized the coaxial cables running through the walls down to the basement to split the signal from a GE #24703 Antenna on the 1st floor. So far this setup has been working pretty well.

The TV on the 1st floor gets all local channels clearly. The basement TV only gets 2, 45, and 54 though.

Neither receives PBS, I would would like to be able to get it since I like to watch several show on PBS. Also I want to get more channels on the basement TV.

I tried using a few different antennas for this setup. First was an RCA ANT301, and a Terk HDTVi. Neither seemed to help much to improve the signal.

I am wondering what suggestion and advice the Antenna and Reception experts on here have? What would you recommend I do?

Here is my TVFool report. Your help is very much appreciated.

Electron 29-Jan-2012 8:14 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Install a , DB2e aimed at 280 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim antennas , http://www.kyes.con m/antenna/pointing/pointing.html. The antenna will receive WTUB 41 MyNetwork , WMPB 29 PBS , and the group of tv stations between WTUB and WMPB. Here are some Strong and Sturdy antenna mounts , , , Here are places to buy antennas and etc , , , ,

Electron 29-Jan-2012 8:27 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
WMPT 42 and WMPB 29 are both the same PBS stations , so no need to receive WMPT 42 , The next two tv stations will likely not be received by the DB2e pointed at 280 degree magnetic compass , WQAW-LP 20 Azateca America , W45DN-D Christian Religion.

mgold 29-Jan-2012 11:47 PM

PBS 1st Floor
I replaced the DTVPal to the Insignia NS-DXA1-APT, and it picks-up PBS (22) fine now. I had to adjust the GE Antenna a little bit to get a strong and clear signal.

I think I need to play around with the basement setup more though. It is still getting the same channels.

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