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rdiddly 9-Nov-2012 4:37 PM

I need an installer
I have an antenna on the roof of my house that gets decent reception for all but the one channel I like to watch, which apparently has the weakest signal. I am in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I ordered the Channel Master 4228HD antenna from Crutchfield and it should arrive on Monday, 11/12/12. The antenna that I currently have is probably sufficient, but I thought that maybe with a bigger antenna I'd get rid of the artifacts and complete cut-out that I get with PBS too frequently, but then again, I don't know much about gain and signal strength and all of that. The antenna that I have comes in to my house to an amplifier, then is split to 3 different receivers (TVs), some of which are quite long runs. I'm pretty sure I use RG6. I had a professional install the amplifier and do some of the runs a year ago, but since then the PBS reception has been pretty bad pretty frequently.

Here's my signal info:

I'm looking for someone to come to my home and swap out the antenna (or tell me that I don't need to bother, but should do something else instead, like maybe a preamp). Is there anyone somewhere near me reading this that would be interested in taking on this job? I can't find any pro shops that are willing to get on my roof any more, so I need an individual who would do it as a side-job.

Please respond if you'd be willing to help.


signals unlimited 10-Nov-2012 11:56 AM

I am a fulltime installer in central PA. and would love to help you, but the solution is so simple that I could never justify the expense involved with the travel.

The 4228 is a huge over kill and too narrow in beamwidth to cover the closely grouped strong signals. Just install an RCA ANT751 antenna aimed North. With that you will receive at least one, or all of the three PBS stations, as well as all of the other networks.

If you need any further advise, or you would like to discuss other antenna options, you can contact me directly on my website.

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