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rabbit73 12-May-2017 7:36 PM

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Originally Posted by Bigbear (Post 57938)
After reading other posts about poor reception, how much does being surrounded by trees contribute to my issue? There are lots of trees between me and Mt Mansfield.

It contributes a LOT to the problem; trees block TV signals.

Scroll down to Trees and UHF.

I do see trees in your area, but I'm not sure which house belongs to you. I have removed the street names from the satellite image:

If you are willing, maybe you can give me the exact coordinates of your antenna in a PM so that I can see how the trees interfere with the WCAX signal. You can get the coordinates using the tvfool interactive map browser. As you move the cursor by drag-and-drop, the coordinates below the map will change.

I will not post a closeup of your house with the green signal lines without your permission.

A photo of what an antenna "sees" when it is aimed at WCAX would be helpful.

OK, WCAX doesn't do well with your present antenna aimed at 342 degrees true/356 degrees magnetic.

What we want to know is how does WCAX do with a UHF antenna like the DB2e or DB4e aimed at 112 degrees true/126 degrees magnetic.

rabbit73 14-May-2017 7:58 PM

Thanks for the information about the location of your house.

It is really surrounded by close tall trees, especially in the direction of WCAX.

Bigbear 14-May-2017 9:22 PM

Yes it is. The confusing thing for me to accept is that if I read my reception chart correctly, most all my locals come from the same place. The omly channel to have issue with is WCAX and only with my Roamio. The issue does not occur with my other 2 tv's, nor with the TV that the ROamio is attached when using the tv as a stand alone.

rabbit73 15-May-2017 1:16 AM

The signals from WCAX and WPTZ have to filter through trees on their way to your antenna which is aimed in the opposite (wrong) direction.

This will create overlapping fields that are different for different channels (on different frequencies):

which will create a non-uniform field with hot and cold signal spots:

Each channel will take multiple paths through the trees, creating multipath. As the trees sway in the wind, the paths will change, creating dynamic multipath.

The TiVo is known to be less able to handle multipath.

If you want to be able to use your TiVo, you will have to give it a better signal.

First, connect the TiVo to a UHF antenna aimed at WCAX. If that works, then combine the UHF antenna with your VHF antenna using a UVSJ.

If that doesn't work, you will have to get the UHF antenna above the trees, or forget about using the TiVo.

Bigbear 16-May-2017 6:19 PM

Hey, that reminds me of physics class! Totally forgot that about em signals, I have had to deal with that in the past with my optical analytical instruments.
How quickly I forget.
As of now I will continue "as it is", as by removing the Roamio from the distribution amp has reduced the problem. It must be due to the Roamio's sensitivity, as the problem didn't exist with my old TIVO HD.

Thanks again

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