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StephanieS 6-Jan-2014 3:34 AM

I guess I'll be saying goodbye to KLEW on RF 22

Check the CP for RF 22 in Coeur d'Alene, ID. If it were at Canfield overlooking Cd'A, I may have a chance. However, this is terrible. I can't see KLEW surviving.

My TV fool:

Question, is there anything I can do to complain about this? KXLY will be up to FOUR, count 'em FOUR signals in the market (RF 9, 11, 13, 22) with a fifth I can also receive from out of market on RF 40.

I've already dispatched a email to the chief engineer of KXLY. I'm ready to make a stink here.

What say you all?

StephanieS 6-Jan-2014 3:54 AM

Filed a complaint on this CP.

FCC Submission Confirmation: 2000E
Acknowledgement of Submission from Stephanie **** on 01/05/2014, reference number 14-********.
Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.
ATTENTION: When submitting additional information using this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet, please attach only one unsolicited fax advertisement (or multiple advertisements from the same sender) that matches your complaint number and carrier company named in this complaint. DO NOT include multiple unsolicited faxes from different senders with this unique case number. Your complaint is subject to be rejected, if more than one unsolicited fax advertisement from different senders accompanies this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet.
Please use this page as a Fax Cover Sheet when faxing additional details to the FCC at (866) 418-0232.

StephanieS 6-Jan-2014 9:46 AM

Further, it gets worse.

There is a very real possibility of adjacent channel interference taking out K23HT-D. Thus, knocking out my Idaho PBS feed.

The upshot now is definite loss of KLEW, likely loss of K23HT-D as it'll be smashed between two 40db + adjacents.

Lose two good stations and replace it with a 5th feed of KXLY (RF 9, 11, 13, 22, 40). In the metro proper, KXLY will have four feeds. The fifth is K40EE which is for Moscow/Pullman, but I see it due to being just a bit offbeam of KLEW.

What is wrong with this picture? KXLY = spectrum hog?

cplguy 3-May-2016 5:16 AM

I actually live in Pullman, and I can't pick up K40EE. I think they went off the air.

StephanieS 3-May-2016 5:39 AM

Greetings cplguy,

Yes. K40EE is toast. KXLY finally got their cp on real channel 38 from the KWSU tower on Kamiak Butte going. I actually watch KXLY on real 38 instead of 13, 11 or 9. Real 38 is not far off my main beam for KLEW on real 22.

Still get KLEW on real 22 in Cheney @ 56 miles.


cplguy 3-May-2016 5:54 AM

I can only pick up KUID. I can't even pick up KWSU I'm using a CS1 with VHF bipoles pointed to 60 degrees magnetic. I get 93% signal strength, but I only get KUID. Here's my TV Fool report:

StephanieS 3-May-2016 6:01 AM

Pullman is a hit and miss proposition due to geography.

Your plot is only block level try to get it to your street address and plot 50' and 100'.


Originally Posted by cplguy (Post 55098)
I can only pick up KUID. I can't even pick up KWSU I'm using a CS1 with VHF bipoles pointed to 60 degrees magnetic. I get 93% signal strength, but I only get KUID. Here's my TV Fool report:

cplguy 3-May-2016 6:37 AM

Here it is with my exact coordinates:

StephanieS 3-May-2016 7:00 AM

That's better.

When you mention the CS1, do you mean this type of antenna?

If so, that's not the antenna I'd advise. Your UHF signals are very weak and an indoor antenna won't receive anything. The PBS's it may, as you have found out. If I'd were setting up at your location, I'd put an Antennas Direct DB8e in the air pointed at Magnetic 340 (KHQ).If no KHQ, adjust for both PBS's, KXLY (ABC) on real channel 38 from Kamiak Butte and KLEW (CBS) on real channel 22. Even though the DB8e is a UHF design, VHF signals often "come in" on UHF designs when they are pretty strong, which in this case both are.

KHQ is a longshot, but you may luck out.


Edit: My setup -

I recieve KREM (RF20), KLEW (RF22), KXLY (RF38), KHQ (RF15), KSPS (RF7), KWSU (RF10 and 17), KUID (RF12), KQUP (RF24), KAYU (RF28), KGPX (RF34), KHBA (RF39) AND K43GZ-D (RF43).

Top UHF antenna: Antennas Direct 91xg
Bottom UHF/VHF combo: Antennacraft C490 (used for VHF only)


Originally Posted by cplguy (Post 55100)
Here it is with my exact coordinates:

cplguy 3-May-2016 7:27 AM

I have the Antennas Direct Clearstrem 1 with VHF bipoles. It is mounted outside on a 5 foot long closet rod that I used bungee cords to attach it to the side of my building.

StephanieS 3-May-2016 7:30 AM

Ah. Ok. For UHF (KLEW RF22, KXLY RF 38) not nearly enough 'horsepower' for your location. That might be appropriate in Spokane county with line of sight to Tower Mountain. In your location you need something pretty strong since the only full power TV service is via the PBS's.

Everything else is either low power translator or very weak coming in from Spokane.



Impressive antenna farm Steph!

I think I have antenna envy LOL

I USED to have a working relationship with Riley Hollingsworth with the FCC and he would make my voice heard and expedite my complait filings but now that he retired I wouldn't know who to contact

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