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jamie_marchant 20-Aug-2011 9:24 PM

TVO brodcasting
TVO(TV Ontario) is now broadcasting exclusively in digital(as of the 18th is what I read online). The database needs to be updated to reflect this. The broadcast is very strong, it appears to be stronger then CBC.

cat 22-Aug-2011 8:56 PM

i live in kitchener on. and i have a sanyo bilt in digatel tuner and i tryd three difernt antannas and i can not get tvo i need some help i tryd rescaning to

jamie_marchant 22-Aug-2011 9:16 PM

First of all a message to anyone reading this, I live in Georgetown Ontario.

@Cat, I really don't know what you can do, Wikipedia says Kichener should have switched a day before us on the 16th. How good are the other digital signals you get? Remember digital signals are "smaller", so the Atanna has to be either really good or JUST RIGHT. It sometimes helps to change to correct channel(if your TV supports it) and then play with the Atanna to get the signal, TVO still broadcasts on Physical channel 19 on virtual channel 19.1.

TOTVBuff 24-Aug-2011 7:12 PM

TVO is suppose to be on Ch 28 the transmitter for KW is located south of Ayr but it maybe a weak signal. I know TVO's analog signal was always weak on Ch 28 but 19 came in fairly good.

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