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Quimby 23-Jan-2014 1:03 AM

Help with the RCA digital signal preamp
I bought a DB8e antenna and got it mounted. I also ordered the RCA digital preamp but can't figure out for the life of me how it is to be wired to the antenna.

Do I bypass the splitter that is in the black box that came with the antenna and go into the preamp only?

The two ports that I would connect into from the antenna on the preamp have a vhf/uhf separate/common switch. I assume I choose common, but not sure. The directions don't seem to address 1 antenna with 2 cables.

Hope that makes sense, obviously I am new to this and learning as I go.

Thank you.

ADTech 23-Jan-2014 1:36 AM

Pretend the output of the combiner box is the output of a simple antenna....

It's that easy.

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