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abbylane 30-Oct-2012 7:11 PM

Reception help north of Toronto
Up until about a month ago we could watch channel 3,5,9,19 and 41 but now are limited to channel 5 CBC and 19 TVO. We have a channel master antenna.
Please help with any suggestions on what we need to do to improve reception. (kids are not happy)

teleview 30-Oct-2012 7:38 PM

What is the model number of the antenna??

Is this a , house , condo , town home , apartment , mobile home , motor home , or , ect.

What floor??

How many floors to the building??

What directions do , windows , patios , balconies , face

meridish 30-Oct-2012 9:24 PM


Which channel master antenna are you using ?
How many TV sets are you feeding with your antenna ?
Are you using a preamp or not ? If yes then which one.

Please do check you cable connecters on both end. May one of them is bad.


abbylane 31-Oct-2012 8:28 PM

It is a two story house.
Antenna is a channel master 4228 located on the roof facing south-east.
No trees around.
Only one TV set
No preamp.

Don't understand why we can get CBC but not the other channels that are transmitted from the CN tower. (Global 41)

teleview 31-Oct-2012 9:41 PM

Is the antenna the CM4228HD?? or the older CM4228??

Aim the CM4228 antenna at about 170 degree magnetic compass direction.

This will put the front of the antenna in between 152 degree magnetic compass direction and 187 degree magnetic compass direction the 2 groups of Tv stations to the south east and south.

And put CKVR-DT channel 10 , CTV TWO , at less of a steep angle to the back of the CM4228 , hopefully this will provide enough reception of CKVR-DT 10 through the back of the antenna to be received reliably.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

There have been some changes of channels that are being transmitted.

Compare the Current Digital channels list and the Pending Applications Included Digital channels list.

Digital Tv tuners can develop , Digital Glitches , and a simple channel rescan will not clear out the glitches.

Do a double rescan.

Disconnect the antenna coax from the tv and channel scan for Digital Broadcast Tv channels , this will clear out the tuner for a fresh new channel rescan.

Unplug the Tv from electric power , wait 1 or more minutes and then plug the Tv in.

Now connect the antenna coax to the Tv and channel scan for Digital Broadcast Tv channels.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.


Also , ALL outside coax is suspect of being bad , even though it looks good that does not mean the coax is good.

One situation but not the only situation is , Water can get into the coax , if water gets into the coax then discard the coax.

Connections and connectors can be bad , loose connections , corroded connections.

And ALL other coax and connectors and connections and hardware are suspect of being bad.

As a Test of reception , run a New Coax from the antenna Direct to the Tv through a open door or window , no couplers , no splitters , no nothing , it is , antenna -> coax -> Tv.


All so I recommend installing a Channel Master CM7778 preamp after all the checking and testing is done. , ,

meridish 31-Oct-2012 10:07 PM


Please aim your antenna towards 150 degree magnetic. Do double check the connectors.


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