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zorxd 2-Nov-2011 4:34 PM

Channels in Quebec city (database update)
The following channels are no longer in operation and should be removed from the database:

CFCM-TV channel 4 (switched to digital on channel 17)
CBVE-TV channel 5 (moved to channel 11 from an other transmission site)
CFAP-TV channel 2 (switched to digital on channel 39)
CBVT channel 11 (switched to digital on channels 12 and 25)
CIVQ-TV channel 15 (switched to digital on the same channel)
CIVQ-DT channel 25 (moved to channel 15)

The following channels are in full operation and should no longer be marked as "pending":

CFAP-DT channel 39 (2.1 virtual)
CFCM-DT channel 17 (4.1 virtual)


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