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seeyabarney 29-Jun-2017 12:07 PM

Combining two systems to one
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I installed two stacked Televes (one UHF, one VHF) antennas that are pointing SE to get 7 stations that are 32 - 60 miles away. I am using a Televes 2-input combiner/amplifier. I also installed 2 stacked identical UHF/VHF Mediasonic antennas that are pointing NE and are receiving 6 stations from 75 miles away. I am just using an RCA preamp on this one. I want to combine these antennas to get all the stations since there is no rotor. I tried to use a 3-input Televes combiner/amplifier but did not work since it doesn't accept a UHF/VHF combo antenna in the 3rd input slot. I am amazed at the reception of both of these antennas since I live in a valley between two mountains. My zip is 17812. These antennas are installed on my wood shop roof about 15-20 feet high. Hopefully my photo comes through OK. Thank you for any advice you can give me.

rickbb 29-Jun-2017 1:48 PM

Merging feed lines is hit or miss, mostly miss, but can work, sometimes.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about it, (and then some).

seeyabarney 29-Jun-2017 2:41 PM

Thank you Rick.

rabbit73 30-Jun-2017 1:49 AM

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Hopefully my photo comes through OK.
Thanks for the excellent photo; it came through fine.

rickbb is correct; sometimes it works, sometimes not.

The two antenna systems aimed in different directions CAN be combined with a splitter in reverse.

It doesn't always work, because when the same signals from each antenna reach the combining point they will interfere with each other if they are not in phase (arrive at the same instant). If you don't have all the signals after combining that you had when the antennas were separate, then combining doesn't work for you.

If it doesn't, there are a few alternatives.

You can use an A/B switch to select which antenna you want to use. If your TV isn't able to add a channel after scan, you will need to rescan after changing direction.

You can connect the main antenna to the TV antenna input, and connect the second antenna to an external tuner with its output connected to the aux input of the TV. It's my favorite solution.

seeyabarney 1-Jul-2017 2:03 PM

Combining 2 systems to 1
Rabbit73, thank you so much for your expertise on my concern. I really appreciate your time and effort.

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