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absolutelv 2-Sep-2012 11:35 PM

Help With type of antenna I need
This is such a great service!

I'm moving to a one-story single wide mobile home that has a direct tv dish already mounted on roof that I can attach some antenna to, ideally tapping into the coax cable there (is that even possible)? If not I can mount a small multi-directional antenna or whatever you think I will need to get basic channels from Sacramento Here's the link tvfool produced. If I mount or attach to existing DISH it is about 10-12 feet off ground.

I appreciate so much your guidance!


teleview 3-Sep-2012 12:20 AM

ALL questions and answers about broadcast tv reception and More.
The following is a Teleview - Recommendation for Broadcast Tv Reception.

The Digital Tv stations/channels are Very Weak at 10 feet antenna height.

Require a look at signal strengths at 25 and 40 feet antenna heights to see if signal strengths improve.

Please make two more tvfool radar reports at 25 and 40 feet antenna heights.

Due to the -> Steep <- rolling hills , 100 feet or even less , can make a real difference in reception.

Go to the tvfool home page and click on , >>StartMAPS<< , move the pointer to the exact location of where the antenna will be and make the tvfool radar plot maps.

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